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I’m Charlie! Welcome to my blog

Hello, I’m Charlie – a runner, Registered Dietitian and lover of travel. I believe anyone can run a marathon

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A no-nonsense approach to eating for runners and athletes of all levels. An essential companion for those trying to fuel right; before, during and after their runs to improve performance and increase energy levels!

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Hello, I’m Charlie – a runner, Registered Dietitian and lover of travel. I believe anyone can run a marathon, I’ve transitioned from non-runner to 13 x Marathoner and Six Star Finisher. My blog champions fad-free, accessible wellbeing through fitness, nutrition and living life to the full.

It’s running that I started blogging about as a student over a decade ago. Since then it’s grown to cover Fashion, fitness, beauty, IVF Journey and my day-to-day life. Since then, having gone on to work with industry giants London Marathon, ECCO, Adidas, Underarmour, the blog has evolved into a career that 18-year-old Charlie could only ever have dreamed of… and a life in the Berkshire with my husband and fur baby that brings me so much joy.

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Avo pesto ingredients 1

Latest Posts

UppaBaby Ridge Running Buggy Review 

UppaBaby is a well respected, premium brand within the buggy market and many friends have UppaBaby buggies for everyday use (we just use a Babyzen Yoyo and Thule Urban Glide 2) which has definitely...

Coros Pace 3 – Kipchoge Edition Review

I've been a Garmin girl almost since I started running. The first watch I bought was a huge old Garmin that took up most of my wrist and definitely could not be worn at any other time aside from...

Thule Urban Glide 2 Running Buggy Review

We’ve probably all been overtaken by  a runner sprinting past with a buggy at parkrun. I had aspirations of being my strongest ever when pushing the buggy but the reality is, buggy running is hard!...


The Best Marathon Training Plans for Your Spring Marathon

A lot of the London Marathon training plans start this week, 16 weeks out from the big race. Maybe you’ve already started prepping for your spring race, or have made the decision to finally fulfil a New Year’s Resolution to run 26.2 so have just signed up?

Runners: How To Avoid Losing Your Toenails (and what to do if they do fall off!)

This kind of occurrence is not uncommon amongst runners, particularly those that have a marathon or two under their belts. This nail is the fourth I’ve lost in the four years since running my first marathon – luckily it’s never been a big one!

So how do we avoid making our already mangled feet that little bit uglier and keep all ten toenails in tact, and what do we if/when we do lose them


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Want to get the inside track on the World Marathon Majors, running and racing around the world, or just staying active while travelling? I’ve got you covered. Simply hover over the map or zoom into where you want to go.


How to Run The World Marathon Majors If You’re Not An Elite

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