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Thule Urban Glide 2 Running Buggy Review

Jan 3, 2024 | Kit, Running

We’ve probably all been overtaken by  a runner sprinting past with a buggy at parkrun. I had aspirations of being my strongest ever when pushing the buggy but the reality is, buggy running is hard! Even with something as nimble and easy to push as the Thule Urban Glide 2, it’s definitely not quite the same as popping out solo.  

I admit that although I did a lot of research into my running buggy purchase but haven’t tried any others on the run… yet. I hope to add some running buggy comparisons to the blog in the future. 

It was the versatility of the Urban Glide 2 that attracted me to the buggy originally. Being able to use it for newborn (with a bassinet)  to 4+ years for both dog walks and runs. When you’re spending a lot of money on a piece of kit, you want to be able to make the most of it! Also the fact that my friend Helli had the double buggy version to push her twins around Central Park and raved about it was enough for me to choose it. (Tom’s parents kindly bought it for us for Christmas last year)

I like running with it and my new best running buddy. I’ve built up my mileage from a run/walk to 5 miles running (and am sure I’ll probs do more as marathon training ramps up). The buggy feels easy to push, turn and control over a variety of terrain. 

*please remember you should only run with babies over 6 months and in purpose built running buggies!* 

Thule Urban Glide 2 Review

Key Features of the Thule Urban Glide 2

  • 12 inch front wheel and 16 inch rear wheels.
  • Air filled tyres 
  • 5 point harness 
  • Car seat adapters available 
  • Extendable hood 
  • Rear suspension 
  • Reclining backrest 
  • Central brake
  • Handbrake 
  • Safety strap 
  • Large cargo basket 
  • Mesh peekaboo window 

How much does the Thule Urban Glide 2 cost? 

It is one of the pricier running buggies out there, but I do think cost per use is really good if you will use it regularly (and we have used it for dog walks most days since we got it!) as well as running regularly. 

We were given the newborn bundle which comes with the bassinet, on its own it usually retails for £799. However it’s worth looking around as you can often find it on sale – it’s just £599 directly from Thule right now. The bassinet is £100 off at John Lewis currently

How big is the Thule Urban Glide 2? 

I’m going to be honest, it’s quite big. It takes up most of the boot space in our SUV.

The folded dimensions are 87 x 69 x 34 cm. The 69cm width may not get through all shop doors (speaking from experience!) 

What age can the Thule Urban Glide 2 be used for? 

You shouldn’t run with your child until they are at least 6 months+, however some brands don’t suggest running with them until your baby is over 8 months. You can use the basinet attachment on the Urban Glide 2 from newborn (we started using ours from 8 weeks. You can use the buggy until your child is 22kg which is likely to be about 6 years old (when you’re probably going to want them to be biking next to you instead!) 

Thule Urban Glide 2 Accessories 

We have the rain cover (essential in the UK), shade cover and the footmuff (I find it much easier to put Bertie in this rather than layer him up to the extreme). We also bought the bassinet and the rain cover for that. I will probably buy the snack tray and drinks holder when Bertie gets a bit older but for now I just keep all of his things in the zipped storage underneath the buggy – and keep an eye out for drinks flying out of the side as we walk along the river! 


Adjustable front wheel 

Unlike the more running focused Glide 2, you can choose for the front wheel to be locked in a fix position or not. Personally I prefer it not to be fixed as I find this more versatile on dog walks and on my towpath runs, allowing me to turn without needing to lift the front of the buggy. However at higher speeds, locking the wheel adds more stability and preventing it from tipping over (I’ve never felt it to be unsteady but I’m not running faster than a 9.30 min mile with the buggy) 

I did read that some people experienced punctures in their tyres but in over a year we haven’t had any issues across multi terrain! 


I’ve used the buggy on trails, roads, grass from the Thames towpath to hikes in the Lake District. I love that I can use the Thule Urban Glide 2 for dog walks, coffee strolls, road and trail running. This is what attracted me to the Urban Glide 2 over the Glide 2, being able to use it for more than *just* running! 


The buggy just feels sturdy, solid and well built. It doesn’t rattle or shake when you go over bumpy terrain, and I’ve never been nervous that it will flip or slide out. It feels SOLID. 


With a handbrake, foot brake and 5 point harness, I feel like Bertie is very safe within the buggy. The straps are easy to adjust and clip in/unclip. 


At 11.5kg, the buggy is not the lightest but far from the heaviest on the market. 

Ease of folding 

I wouldn’t say I can do it one-handed, but the mechanisms of folding the buggy down are very simple. One twisting handle folds the front wheel under the frame for easy storage. 

Adjustable Handlebar 

I really like the adjustable handlebar with a range of 90 – 116cm – this seems to be one of the most variety compared to other similar running buggies. Good for both tall and shorter runners! 


Reclining seat position 

There is flexibility to adjust the seat position, however I’m guessing for safety reasons, the seat is never fully upright. I can sometimes see Bertie trying to push himself forward to get a better view out of the buggy when we’re walking the dog or feeding the ducks – however he never seems to do this while I”m running. 


Even folded this buggy is quite bulky. It takes up most of the boot of our car/hallway even with an SUV. And especially if you do get the bassinet which also takes up a decent amount of space when not folded down. When travelling around the UK, we definitely had to pack the car strategically!  


It’s definitely on the pricier end of the market, however you can find them second hand on facebook groups or keep an eye out for sales to bag yourself a bargain. You do also have to buy all the accessories as extras, eg the rain cover, shade cover, footmuff (the zip on this doesn’t seem to be the best unfortunately!) Our bundle was just under £1000 for the buggy and bassinet but you can get much better deals currently!

Who should buy it… 

Those who are going to use it across multiple terrain for walking and running. If you want a versatile running buggy that can be  used from newborn (with the bassinet attachment). If you’re planning to run regularly with your little one! 

Who should not buy it… 

If you have a very small car boot, you may not get this in there too easily (it fills almost the whole of our SUV boot). And whilst it doesn’t take up a lot of room when folded and stored upright, it might be tricky to hide if you’re lacking storage options at home. If you’re only going to run with it, or only run very occasionally, then you might consider going for the cheaper Thule Glide 2 (fixed wheel) or a other brand option. 

Any questions or other running buggies you’d like me to try… let me know in the comments or DM me on instagram.