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Things I have learnt this week

Jan 31, 2013 | Lifestyle, Nutrition | 1 comment

This week I have been incredibly productive in my free time, I have been running, to thg gym, met friends for breakfast twice, been to the cinema, had a driving lesson (more on this another time!), and am going on a double date tonight to a cool pop-up fondue restaurant in East London!

Here are some (semi-random) things I have learnt this week;

  1. I have discovered that I really like Pilates.

I know everyone always raves about yoga, and I know lots of people that love it. But I never really got it. I always felt completely inadequate because I am so inflexible and could hardly get into any of the positions. I think that’s why I enjoyed Bikram Yoga so much, everyone is struggling with the heat, plus I felt far more flexible. Unfortunately, Bikram is a bit pricey on top of a gym membership, so I am excited to add Pilates into my routine at the gym. It will also make completing my 2013 New Year’s resolution to take 2 yoga classes a week, something I have certainly not achieved yet!

2. I remembered that the first mile of a run is always the worst (especially first thing in the morning).

I felt so sluggish during my run on Wednesday morning, that I really wanted to cut it short. My garmin took ages to find satellites so I ran using RunKeeper, and I felt so disheartened hearing my speed was 10.20min miles! It wasn’t until the third mile that I heard a 9.30min miles pace and I was a little relieved. It was just an easy run so I wasn’t concentrating on pace, but I was glad to finish my 3.5 miles in under 35 minutes.

 3. I have learnt that I love my Snog frozen yogurt topping, and remembered just how busy it is at the cinema on an Orange Wednesday.
We went to see The Impossible last night at Westfield. The cinema there is alwasy so so busy, and you can’t book in advance or order at the machine’s when getting 2 for 1 on Orange Wednesday. The only reason I keep coming back is to get a Snog beforehand. Always natural flavour with blueberries and dark chocolate.
4. I have learnt that I can do two-a-day gym sessions
This week I have been taking advantage of my convient gym that’s closing at the end of next week and taking lots of lunchtime classes. I have learnt that my body can cope with this as long as I do different activities on the same day;
Monday- Pilates and Spinning
Tuesday- Treadmill and Weights/PowerPlates
Wednesday- Run outside and WillPower and Grace Class
5. I’ve been told about a new superfruit that is full of antioxidants, Vitamin C and fibre.
And it comes in a handy powder form so that you can add it to smoothies, yogurt, and baked goods. The Baobab fruit comes from West Africa, with the powder forming naturally inside the hard shell of the fruit. You could take this instead of a vitami C tablet! I’ll be adding it to my smoothies, once I start making them again!
6. I’ve learnt that I prefer cheaper chocolate to more expensive ones! Ok, I don’t really mind as long as it’s chocolate!
What new thing have you learnt this week?

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  1. Laura

    I wish I had more Pilates options near me, there’s a great studio but its a few miles away and not affordable, it’s definitely a good alternative to yoga!


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