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What to wear to Pilates

Jan 28, 2013 | Uncategorized | 1 comment

Today I went to my very first Pilates class. Alone. I usually try and rope a friend in to go with me if I am trying something new, but my friend at work  wouldn’t come with me even after I bribed her with chocolate mini rolls.

On my way to the gym I suddenly realised that I didn’t actually know what you were supposed to wear to a Pilates class. I mean I knew it was similar-ish to yoga, but I didn’t know any of the specifics. So I texted a friend to check with her;

As you can see all we talk about is the gym, however we actually haven’t been together in AGES. And I don’t think we are even going to yoga together tomorrow morning! Also there is no reception in the changing room, it’s really annoying.
So after establishing that I didn’t need to wear socks, I wore this comfortable outift, including a soft sports bra like this from Sweaty Betty. I hate it when the clips dig in when I am lying on my mat plus they are prettier than the ultra sports bras that I have to wear for anything more active! I also wore my H&M black capris that I wore practically every day in New Zealand, and an old Nike top that I bought years ago but is really soft. This turned out to be pretty perfect, although I will probably wear long leggings next time!
I took this photo in the mirror by the showers as no-one was there- very steamy but less embarrassing!
I was worried the Pilates class would have lots of experts and equipment involved, but it was all mat based. I really appreciated the fact that it focused on stretching and strengthening my hips and core, two of my weakest areas. As we performed each move I could hear my joints clicking, a sure sign that I haven’t stretched enough recently. 
I discovered a few weeks ago that my gym has been bought by EasyGym and is closing in two weeks time. I am so upset! I love the classes, there is usually space on the machine I want and there is plenty of room in the changing rooms. I have decided to retain my membership with my chain of gyms, but have also bought a EasyGym membership on their introductory offer of £4.99 a month!!! Talk about cheap, unfortunately I feel that the price might be reflected in the quality but we shall have to wait and see. Once the 3 month introductory offer is finished, I will then decide which gym I’ll stick with. I don’t want to lose the convenience of this gym location though as I can pop there in my lunch break, or before and after work!
Do you prefer a gym located close to your home or work?

Weekly Weigh in: 64.8kg – pretty static!

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  1. Ozie Hensler

    It is best if you wear loose clothes, just loose enough for your comfort. Also, you don’t want to go for baggy clothing because your movement in doing Pilates can be a little revealing. A fitted outfit is not considered ideal, too, because it wouldn’t let your body stretch and move comfortably. Best if you would wear clothes that are stretchable. Avoid inappropriate wear such as jeans or something with beads. I hope these help and that you are having a good time doing Pilates.

    Form Body Lab


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