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New York Marathon Training Week 3

Jul 18, 2016 | Running | 4 comments

I nearly didn’t bother writing this post.

This week’s training has been less than impressive due to a three day wedding event, some serious heat in Majorca and a lack of motivation/organisation. I wondered whether I should post such a exercise free week, one where marathon training has been the last thing on my mind. However I feel like I am always honest on this blog so here is my less than stellar week of training…

Monday – Off after Sunday’s exercise heavy day plus a migraine in the afternoon.

Tuesday – Travelling to Majorca – a bit of a write off with lots of last minute jobs to do.

Wednesday – erm…not sure quite what happened other than sunbathing, reading and eating!

Thursday – Paddleboarding around the bay in Calvia- managed not to fall in even when I attempted some very wobbly yoga out on the water.

Paddleboarding majorca

Friday – 5K run with some stops for bootcamp style exercises including press ups, sit ups, squats etc.

Saturday – 20 min run in the heat along the waterfront in Palma Nova before the wedding

Running in Majorca

Sasha's wedding majorca

Sunday – Beachside walk for all the coffee after a 5am wedding finish!

I had a great text convo with the lovely Tina after her disappointment in Amsterdam and it’s spurred me on to finally try the Runner’s Connect free trial training programme in the hope it’s the kick I need to kick training up a notch. Will report more after my first week!


  1. Tina Muir

    YOU are the one who I should be thanking for helping to make me feel better! I look forward to hearing more about what you think 🙂 Happy Monday, friend!

  2. Mandi | No Apathy Allowed

    Thanks for making me not feel so bad about my lackluster week of half-marathon training. 😉 Looks like you had a blast — which sometimes more important that training plans!

  3. healthyhappierbear

    Good luck! I am sure that this week will be far better and keep in mind- you’re still 16 weeks away!

  4. William @ Runnerlight

    Good training! I believe that you will improve your achievement with these workouts. Good succeed!


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