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Recent Fabletics Order June 2016

Jul 20, 2016 | Kit | 3 comments


Fabletics Kit review

Fabletics gets both good and bad press.

Good because they produce fun, stylish workout gear for a great cost. Bad because not everyone is aware that when they make their first order they sign up to a monthly package where they can get an outfit a month which is automatically charged to their account. I have to say, I found that it was quite clear when I signed up for my first order, but not everyone will read the ts and cs!

I often skip a month because lets face it, I do not need any more running kit, however my summer running outfits were lacking and with a lot of travel over the coming months, I decided to pick some new outfits.

Fabletics kit review

First up was the Tyson shorts which I loved the fit of, however wish there had been a knicker lining to make them a little more suitable for the gym and classes. They were really lightweight – perfect for our hot bootcamps, and for quick drying after our sea dips! Unfortunately this pattern has sold out, but they have them in blue.

I also wore the shorts with an orange Peyton Tank  that is my favourite of the whole order. It comes in black, white and black & white – I’m thinking about ordering it in another colour too. The mesh straps and stripe down the back are really flattering, whilst the lightweight material is multi stretch for a flattering fit.

Fabletics Kit Review


The other outfit was the Tripoli – including the Bryce Tank and Salar Crop in Malibu Print – the leggings are thick, good quality material with four way stretch and moisture wicking. I love the look of the top, although I think it might be a little more fashion than function. The mesh fabric covers your stomach while the chest area is double lined for modesty.

Fabletics Kit review


As I think I’ve posted on here before, Fabletics clothing isn’t the highest quality and I wouldn’t wear it for long marathon training runs (or an actual marathon for that matter) but I love the fun prints and the fashionable cuts for classes and workouts. And for someone that works out as much as I do – or hope to- £44 a month for some new gear doesn’t break the bank. Don’t forget you can always skip a month without charge.


  1. CARLA

    That’s my same thought too.
    I have a few things from there which are SUPPOSED to be workout wear…and I love ’em…FOR LEISURE WEAR.

  2. twinsintrainers

    Hey Charlie, I pretty much completely agree! I was 100% aware of the monthly deal when I signed up but due to my own disorganisation or when I was travelling etc, I would forget to cancel and then be SO annoyed when my account was credited. I had quite a lot of their stuff (mainly as I kept forgetting to cancel 😉 ) and did find it style over function. I’d wear their stuff to the gym but not really for anything more intense. When I moved to the US and could only bring a limited amount of stuff with me, a lot of it didn’t make the cut- Bex was rather pleased though as she now has the biggest workout wardrobe ever! Jess x

  3. Heather Gannoe (@runfastermommy)

    I’ve heard such mixed things about Fabletics, that I’m too nervous to even give them a try. That said, some of their stuff certainly looks cute! Like those crops!


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