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Boutique Run Club

Mar 20, 2013 | Running | 3 comments

On Monday night I tried out my first running club, Boutique Run. It’s only running for a couple of weeks in the lead up to the Energizer Night Run. We met inside Whole Foods in Piccadilly and donned some pink bibs, before heading out into the rain for a brief warm up.

We were led by Mollie, and a couple of the Boutique girls also ran with us. We weren’t split into specific pace groups, although we naturally split into about three groups whilst running. I ran with Leah, who I had been speaking to on Twitter before the run!

Our route took us down St James’, along Pall Mall, over the river and back across Westminster Bridge. It was about 7.6km (4.75 miles) total, which flew by whilst chatting to Leah. I’m not used to talking whilst running so definitely felt more puffed that I normally do, and both of us think our abs hurt more yesterday after talking so much!

We ended up running in the middle group, (my garmin had a lot of trouble finding satellites for some reason, so it only logged the last 3 miles of our run) and our splits were all around 9.30min miles- not bad for lots of chatting and stopping at traffic lights!

We ended the run with an uphill sprint back to Whole Foods, a quick stretch and a Vita Coco.

I really enjoyed the run despite the weather, and was glad to have something that I couldn’t bail on, which I most certainly would have done if I had been running alone. Some people were super speedy, and I certainly wouldn’t have been able to keep up with them, but  I think I will have to chat less and run faster if I wanted to try. I’m excited to go along to next week’s 8Km run! And thanks Leah for running with me!

Want to join Boutique run- just email for a place, although places are limited! Do you usually run alone or with friends? If you run with friends, are you able to chat whilst you run? I know my pace suffers when I do, but it can be way more fun!


  1. Leah

    Hahaha oops – sorry for talking so much! Some weeks I find someone to chat to and end up nattering away, others I zone out into my music – I kinda like Boutique for that, it’s whatever you want to do.

    My abs were killing for a couple of days – it must have been due to the strange breathing we were doing in order to keep talking while running!

    • Charlie

      No it was great chatting, and made the time fly by! Last night I chatted to another girl for half of the run before we decided we were too puffed to keep talking!



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