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I Heart Sweat: Say it, Do it

Mar 19, 2013 | Lifestyle, Running | 0 comments

I was so excited to receive my ‘I heart Sweat’ t-shirt in the post this weekend. I had ordered it back in November and had it sent to my American friends to send on to me. The international post can be so slow! I put it in my gym bag last night to try and rev me up for a planned Spin session at lunch today, and guess what, it worked!

Say it, Do it:

Monday- BodyPump class and Boutique Run club (done and done, more about the run tomorrow!)

Tuesday- Spinning and Nike Training Club

Wednesday- Pilates and TRX class

Thursday- Tabata class and Pilates

Friday- Body Pump class

Saturday- Rest

Sunday- 5 mile run

Sorry for not blogging over the weekend, I just didn’t find the time (or inclination, maybe I shouldn’t admit that!) to sit down at my computer!

Here’s what I got up to:

Tom and I got dressed up for a London Scottish rugby dinner at Twickenham, where I met one of the best French rugby players of all time, Serge Betsen. I had said at the start of the night that I was going to get a photo with him, so when he walked past our table my Grandfather grabbed him and said that his I wanted to meet him! Pretty embarrassing! He was so friendly though and introduced himself to our whole table before sitting next to me and chatting for a bit!

We celebrated Tom’s nephew’s first birthday! The cake was amazing, I had a very large slice. I also made these amazing Mars krispie cakes for the party, and they went down a treat!  I recommend making these for your next party, or pack lunch!

What did you get up to this weekend? What are your workout plans this week?


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