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NTC and Gabrielle Aplin

Mar 21, 2013 | Uncategorized | 1 comment

NTC- aka Nike Training Club. Apparently the abreviation is used by all in the know, and after my first session, I feel like I can now call it NTC.

I signed up for the Tuesday session at the Nike store in Westfield.

There was a group of about 15 women and our trainer, Danielle, on the shop floor! We were told that the theme for the day was ‘strengthen and tone’. I was quite pleased it wasn’t more cardio after my lunchtime spin class, especially when one of the girls told me that the previous night they had been running up and down the stairs!

We started off with a number of different squats and lunges to get us warmed up. The shop was pretty toasty anyway so I soon had a sweat on!

While Danielle was showing us an exercise, we had to jog up and down on the spot. No stopping!

We worked through a number of strength moves, including these ‘deadlifts’ (aka bend and snap from Legally Blonde!) planks and press ups.

We then moved to complete the new Serena Williams workout for Nike. It is designed to focus on the core, and uses a stability ball/exercise ball for most of the moves. Danielle simply converted them to floor and body weight exercises, my core was burning! The moves we did were based on the ones you can see here.

I had a great workout, especially combined with cardio earlier in the day. We did get some strange looks from people shopping in the Nike store. I know there has been some controversy surrounding the new Nike campaign, and I agree, there was nothing pink and fluffy about the session. But I think it is great that Nike are offering these free sessions, as well as Train to Run sessions, and running clubs free to everyone, and if it takes kittens and shopping to attract people to exercise, then so be it! If you want to sign up, just go to the Nike Training club facebook page to find your nearest NTC. I’ll definitely be back soon!

Last night, my friend Amanda took me to see Gabrielle Aplin at KOKO. You would probably recognise her voice, if not her name, from last year’s John Lewis Christmas advert! We felt pretty old sitting at the back, enjoying a gin and tonic and watching from our seats rather than down in the crowd! She did a great cover of Fleetwood Mac ‘Go Your Own Way’, and a couple of her songs that we knew including Home and Please Don’t Say You Love Me. She has such a lovely voice, that’s very easy listening!

Disclaimer- Nike did not offer me anything to write this post, nor was I paid to do so. Anyone can go free to the Nike Training clubs, but Nike, if you read this, I’d love some stash!!

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  1. Becky H

    I haven’t signed up for the NTC classes but I’m a big fan of the NTC App. Great for when you’ve had a long day and don’t make it to the gym


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