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Weekly Workouts: May 11th-17th 2020

May 18, 2020 | Cross Training, Running | 3 comments

Weekly Workouts

I’m excited to start this series of blogs again, as although I’m not training for a marathon (or anything in particular), I had a lot of requests to bring back weekly training post and hope you’ll find them helpful for workout ideas, Peloton ride suggestions, or even just motivation on your own running/fitness journey.

My main goal at the moment is two fold…firstly to move everyday, and secondly to build fitness & speed so that when I start marathon training again, I’m in the best position possible to work on endurance.

Weekly Workouts: May 11th-17th 2020


My first Peloton outdoor guided run, this session was with Matt Wilpers. When I first started running I felt super sluggish. But after the first interval, I remembered how much I used to love track sessions and what a difference speed work has made in the past to my fitness. 40 seconds doesn’t seem overwhelming and as it’s a perceived effort rather than pace, you can’t fail! Plus the music really pulled me through this workout, it was awesome. Just 20 minutes before work, the perfect start to a Monday.

Recreate this with…

10 min easy warm up (effort 2-3), ending with a few bursts of level 6/7 effort

4 x 40 seconds at effort level 7-8 with 20 second jogged or walked recoveries

4 x 20 seconds at effort level 8-9 with 40 second jogged or walked recoveries

2 min cool down


Low Impact Peloton Ride with Denis Morton, I liked that he focused a lot on form which I don’t do in many of the harder rides. (You can read my full Peloton Review here. I’m therunnerbeans if you want to follow me on the app!)


Cher themed ride with my friend Amanda, this workout was going to be just an easy ride but Ally Love had us riding with a resistance of 50 at 108 cadence and that was the absolute limit of my legs!

I think that’s what I like most about Peloton rides is that I get on thinking I’ll just go super easy but good music, a great instructor or just a bit of a leaderboard challenge is enough to get me working that bit harder. I actually turned off the leaderboard during yesterdays ride so that I didn’t get competitive.

Peloton UK tie-dye tank


20 minute Pop Ride with Cody Rigsby, I started off thinking I was going to just ride easy but got swept up in the workout and nearly earned a PB!


My first run with a friend in nearly two months, I met Emma for a socially distanced run/walk along the river. I’ve mostly avoided running by the river for the last few weeks. So it was lovely to be on my favourite route. We ran/walked a total of 4 miles; 4 mins run/1 min walk.

I’ve been stressing myself out too much over the fact that I’ve lost running fitness. And so run walking has been a great way to get back into it. I talked about it here on this IG post and it seemed to resonate with a lot of you!

river run caversham


I was supposed to be leading a Goodr x Zwift on Saturday, and thought our Bluetooth treadmill would just connect directly to Zwift (apparently I need to buy one of these foot pods). So whilst I was on Zwift chatting and giving ‘ride ons’ (apparently that’s what you call high fives on the Zwift app),  and I completed the interval run workout on my treadmill, it looked like I spent the entire 40 mins just warming up on the track on the actual app! Whoops.

But I actually really enjoyed the workout and once I’ve got a foot pod (I’m going to get one that links to my Garmin too for better connectivity with my watch for treadmill workouts) I’ll definitely join in for more Zwift runs.


Live Peloton ride with Ally Love, I didn’t have much success with the live ride the previous weekend but gave it another shot this Sunday. It was great, I was pushing really hard for a PB. And then with 6 mins to go, my internet cut out. I tried to re-connect and after trying in vain for 2 mins, I gave up. I have to admit I was more annoyed than I should have been given that it’s just a workout! A few of you gave me some great suggestions on how to boost our wifi in the new gym, but I think once things ease up a little we’ll have a second internet port put into the gym directly so this doesn’t happen again!

What workouts did you complete last week? There’s not a complete rest day in there from last week but the 20 min low impact was more of a spin your legs/reduce stress kind of ride for me. 


  1. Eleanor

    What treadmill do you have? looking for recommendation/review of treadmills….

  2. Gilly

    Hey there – Gilly in Western Australia here. Love following along your journey and love these posts. Like old school blogging! You had a great week! I am in the thick of running training and miss spinning – I might have to add one in. Thanks for sharing x

    • charlotte

      Thanks Gilly! and appreciate your comment, honestly the Peloton app is giving me so much motivation right now!


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