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Thoughts on 26.2

Sep 25, 2014 | Running | 12 comments

Berlin marathon nail art

I’ve run this distance before, I know how awesome it can be and I know how much it can hurt. I’ve crossed the finish line feeling pure ecstasy and I’ve thrown myself over it crying uncontrollably. What the race will bring on Sunday, I don’t know but I hope that I enjoy it. I’ve trained too hard, sacrificed too much (and chafed in too many places) not to finish with a smile.

My overarching memories of the Paris marathon are of pain, disappointment and failure. Don’t get me wrong, I loved running with Billie, trying to take selfies by the Eiffel Tower and taking in the sights of the French capital, but I can’t shake the negative feelings.

And that has put me in a bad headspace for Sunday. I have worked so hard this Summer and seen my paces improve significantly. I beat my half marathon PB on a hungover training run. I’ve run Yasso 800’s fast enough and early enough to make me vom. I have established what sort of training plan works for me, note to self-16 weeks is too long, I get antsy.

I’ve also tested Tom’s patience in my addiction to running to breaking point. Regardless of the outcome on Sunday, I am giving myself a ‘season’ off the marathon (unless of course I get into London, obviously).

I want Berlin to feel like New York, where although there was pain and there were tears, there were a lot of smiles. I completed the New York City Marathon feeling unstoppable, and awesome and like a real runner. I know they won’t all be PBs and they won’t all feel great, but I will be trying my utmost to ensure that this one is.

I know the pressure is only from myself, no-one cares about my time nearly as much as I do. The training is done, now it comes down to mental strength (and fueling/stretching/not falling flat on my face one mile in). If my finish is going to be positive, I’ve got to start thinking positively.

A marathon is 90% mental, the other 10% is in your head.


  1. misswheezy

    Good luck! Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, and have a great time 🙂 Sending positive vibes! xx

    • charlotte

      Thanks lovely- need the positivity!

  2. lalaforte

    Even if you do fall on your face one mile in, you’d pick up and carry on! You are unstoppable — go get it!

    • charlotte

      Hahaha thank you! Fingers crossed I don’t fall!

  3. Ab

    I have been following you on your journey to the Berlin marathon, and I’m amazed by some of the things you’ve done and achieved!! I ran London this year in 4hr 00m 51s, and i hope that when i begin training for Brighton (Obviously gunning for a sub 4 massively!) that i will be able to achieve what you have in your training cycle. You’re going to smash it, and I’m pretty sure you’ve already got this one in the bag 😉 Wishing you the best of luck for Sunday. Just have fun! Looking forward to post race blog! x

    • charlotte

      Thanks for such a positive awesome comment. I know your pain finishing soo close to sub 4, I’m sure you’ll nail it in Brighton! X

  4. Catherine

    Running is so in your head, it’s ridic. If all else fails look at your awesome nails and imagine the bragging you can do when done! That’s how I cope 🙂

    • charlotte

      Thank you so much!!

  5. jess

    Good Luck Charlie! Just enjoy it and let those Yasso 800s pay off 🙂

  6. balletdancefitness

    Huge amounts of luck coming your way! Such an amazing achievement regardless of how you cross the line. xx
    Tash | Dance, Flow, Lift

  7. Lauren S (@BreatheBlog)

    I LOVE your nails. I just read your race recap but it’s great to read this as I’m getting ready to run my second marathon next week!


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