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Berlin Marathon Expo

Sep 26, 2014 | Active Travel, Marathon Majors, Marathon Majors, Running | 0 comments


I’m in Berlin for the Berlin Marathon, having arrived late last night. Whilst I am thrilled to have had a few days to explore the city, visit the expo and eat at some of the awesome restaurants, I’m a little sad that I missed National Fitness Day in the UK!

National Fitness Day is a nationwide celebration of fitness and exercise, with parks, activity clubs and gyms opening their doors for the day for free for people who want to try. There were also free mass participation events in London, Birmingham and Bristol- who wouldn’t want to get involved in a free Power Half Hour? This sort of event and celebration is right up my street, so I wish I’d been around to take part. Take a look at the National Fitness Day website to find out more.

But instead of taking part in National Fitness Day, I was picking up my race pack at the Berlin Marathon expo. My friend Loz and I found the Metro system easy to navigate, however were shocked to discover you can’t use Visa or notes to buy Metro tickets-only coins or Maestro.  So frustrating! The expo was at an old airport at Platz der Luftbrucke on the U6.

The expo itself was bigger than I was expecting, and annoyingly you had to walk through the entire exhibition to collect your race bibs. Obviously this has been done to encourage people to buy more, but it means it’s really slow going. The pick-up is split into men and women, which means that for once there was a much smaller queue for women than men!


First stop once we’d collected our bibs was the official Adidas shop, where I picked up a really nice mint green and grey tank.  I also found an awesome Nike tank with a Berlin motif, and stopped by the H and M stand. I love that they were showing off their active range at the expo- so many things to order when I’m back at home that wouldn’t fit into my suitcase here.

I’ve got lots more photos to share with you, including some of the most incredible cinnamon buns but the hotel internet is painfully slow at uploading them, so sadly this will have to do for now. Don’t forget to keep following me on instagram and twitter for updates from the weekend, additionally Leah will be taking over on my twitter on Sunday to tweet live progress from the marathon!


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