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Apr 10, 2012 | Running | 0 comments

Life has got in the way a bit for the last 2 months, and I have been very slack in blogging, but luckily I haven’t been quite so slack in marathon training. In fact, Emily and I completed our longest run ever yesterday- 20 miles!

We spent the Bank Holiday weekend at a friend’s house in the south of France. It was so lovely and relaxing, and great to catch up with the girls. We spent a lot of time eating…

and drinking huge amounts of tea (with lots of biscuits and Easter eggs)

We went for walks, cooked, read, watched films and generally chilled out. 
Yes, I realise that I look like an Easter Egg, it’s the look I was going for! 
So after our 5 days of indulging in a lot of cheese, chocolate and croissants, Emily and I were prepared for our run to be a long, painful one. And it was. 
We ran from Chiswick, up to Hammersmith, along Chelsea Embankment (via a loo stop!), and up to Buckingham Palace, where we got a little overexcited as next time we will be on the Mall it will be when we finish the marathon! From there we headed up through Green Park to Regents Park, and back home via Kensington Gardens. 
After about 15 miles, both Emily and I had aching knees- not helped by having to stop at numerous traffic lights. I am now one of those runners that jogs on the spot at traffic lights- how embarrassing!! The final 2 miles were hard, and involved a lot of swearing, teeth clenching and determination.  
We were so pleased to have finished, and the next time we do a very long run will be marathon day! Roll on the 22nd April…. 


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