Whilst I am trying to stay healthy and hit the gym this week in pre marathon preparation, I am being careful not to over do it on my legs. Not so easy when I have started training for the Moon Walk– just 4 and a half weeks away. Now I am not saying that the 3 miles that I have been walking on my way to work is strenuous, I’m just saying that this added into my routine the week immediately following the 20 miler might not have been my best idea.

Anyway, I am making sure that I am sticking to arms and abs workouts at the gym over the next 2 weeks, and saving my sore legs from too much added stress. I’ll still be running short distances during the week, with one last taper run of 8 miles at the weekend, but taking it easy on the leg weights/circuits.

With that in mind, I mixed up a circuit at the gym last night that combined Zest magazine’s White T-shirt workout and an old abs workout that I had in my gym bag. I started with a warm up on the cross trainer before moving to the mats. Embarrassingly I had to decrease the weights I was using from 5kg to 4kg almost immediately, Monday’s run obviously took more out of me than I thought!

10 press ups
30 second plank
12 full circle lateral raises
20 basic crunches
20 hip lifts
20 bicep curls
12 bent over rows

40 bicycle crunches
30 second plank
12 ball flies

30 second superman

12 bicep curl and press
20 bird dog

12 Ball pull overs

40 bicyle

10 press ups
20 side oblique crunches- both sides

30 second plank

I was planning to do the circuit 3 times, but actually ended up only completing it twice, with a 30 second rest after every other exercise. I was exhausted by the end and couldnt wait to get home, sit on the sofa with a cup of tea and a brownie. Is that normal?

I made a quick tomato, mozerella and avocado salad with balsamic dressing for supper, followed by a mango and some brownie while watching The Apprentice!


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