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It’s Supposed to be Uncomfortable

Mar 26, 2013 | Running | 10 comments

Last night, I joined the Boutique Run girls for a 5.5 mile run through the dark and very chilly streets of London. It was quieter this week than last, perhaps with people put off by the arctic temperatures. I had layered up in a H and M running tank, a Nike long sleeve top and my trusty bright pink ‘waterproof’ running jacket.We headed outside for our warm up and I donned my running gloves- something I never run in anymore, and actually regretted having after about half a mile!
The girls that I had met last week, Leah and Laura, weren’t there, so I got chatting to a couple of the others in our pace group. Like last week, I slotted easily into the mid pace running group and could keep up the pace and a bit of a conversation- perfect. This week’s group was led by Lucy, a really chatty and friendly personal trainer. 
Our route took us down through Green Park, through St James’ Park, across the river and back the way we came. Running through St James’ we were told to hurry along by some Policemen, I thought he was joking and telling us to run faster, but it turns out that the Queen’s motorcade coming down the mall! They closed off the road to pedestrians and cars whilst the car, flanked by motorcycles, made its way back to the palace! (Unfortunately we had already sped off by this point, but one of the girls behind us saw it happen!) 
I usually find the middle parts of any run the most mentally challenging, so it was great to run in a group to keep pace with them and not slow down or stop! There were times during this run that I wanted to ease off because I felt my breathing was too laboured, or that I was about to get a stitch. That’s when I remembered these words that I read on Theodora’s blog, ‘It’s supposed to be uncomfortable’. So I pushed through, stayed with the group and finished the run with a sprint and a smile! Once again, I was so glad to have an organised run to join, as I know if I had been running alone I would have been very tempted to sack it off in the frigid temperatures. 5.6 miles finished in 51.17 minutes.
Our pace was a bit sporadic due to traffic lights, a bit of a downhill in the first mile, which we then had to come back up on the way home! Not very consistent, but definitely happy with a 7.30mile!! Whooa that is super speedy for me! If only I could maintain that pace for 6 miles and I’d come away with a sub 45min 10K…. Pretty sure that won’t be happening any time soon! 
And just for fun… 
When I arrived at the gym to take a spinning class at lunch today, the fire alarm was going off meaning everyone had to stand outside (although those without coats waited in the lobby!) This crazy personal trainer whipped off his top and started doing various exercises under the instruction of another trainer, to keep us all amused! His handstand pushups were seriously impressive! 
Want to join Boutique run- just email for a place, although places are limited! Or why not sign up to the Energizer Night Run??


  1. Mary

    Haha! I love that the gym provided ‘entertainment’!
    Well done on your group run. Don’t think I could ever get down to a 7:30mm. That’s mega speedy!

    • Charlie

      No it was a real surprise to me! I never thought I could run that fast, as you can see we slowed down considerably in the following miles!

    • Charlie

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. katmcd

    Stopping by from Skinny Runner! Your London runs sound great. I will need you to guide me when I am there this summer on good running routes!

    • Charlie

      Definitely, when are you here?

  3. Rebecca Dee

    I’m also stopping by from Skinny Runner 🙂 She gave me a blog shout out once and I got to meet a few of her awesome fans – thought I’d stop over to your blog 🙂 Wish I could run in London – running in chilly Albany NY is getting quite dull – just did my very first 1/2 and now training for a FULL – gulp!

    • Charlie

      Thanks for stopping by, hope you come back soon!! Good luck with the marathon training!

  4. Karen W

    GREAT blog! Found you on Skinny Runner.:))

    Can’t wait to follow your journey!

    Karen @

    • Charlie

      Thanks for stopping by Karen!


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