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10 Weeks to Bikini Time

Mar 25, 2013 | Active Travel | 10 comments

This time in 10 weeks I will be lying by a pool in a bikini, hopefully enjoying the sunshine. The thought of my wintery body being in a bikini fills me with dread at the moment. My weight when I checked about 2 weeks ago, was back up to around 66kg, finding out I had put 2kg back on was not a happy discovery, let me tell you!

I really want to have a body that I’ll be proud of in a bikini this summer, and although I wish there was a miracle pill I could take, I know that it’s not going to happen without hard work, willpower and self control.

Increasing Weekly Exercise
I always start off the week well, then gradually my exercise sessions seem to fade out by the end of the week. I need to stop this happening, and to remain consistant. I now have to sign up for my gym classes, have been attending NTC and a run club, and hope these keep me on track. I am going to up my sessions to at least; 1 x spinning, 2 x strength, 2 x pilates and 3 x running per week- sometimes more than 1 activity a day, with at least one total rest day.

Have Something to Train For
I have a couple of races that I have signed up for over the next few months, including the Bupa 10,000m, the London to Brighton bike ride and Edinburgh 10K. I have also joined Team Naturally Run– with Leah, to train for, and run another 10k with a group of girls (and boys?!). I find it much easier to stick to my training when I have a goal at the end of it. I haven’t run a 10k before, and with three in the pipe line, I want to ensure that I run them to my full capability.

Cut Back on Alcohol Consumption
‘Don’t drink your calories’- one of Bob Harper’s main rules (have I mentioned I love the Biggest Loser before?) I know that I drink more than I should, and in order to save calories (and hangovers) I need to cut back not only on the number of nights I drink, but also the amount I consume on my ‘drinking nights’. This one is going to be hard, particulary when the weather improves and weekends and evenings are spent enjoying various pub gardens around London.

Bring a Pack Lunch
This will help save money for my holiday, as well as ensuring that I make healthy choices. Quite often when I go out for lunch, it’s easy to be tempted into buying something that is not a good option, or by eating hidden calories (hello 800 calorie sandwiches, I am thinking of you!). Bringing a pack lunch, or buying something to put together at work helps me feel in control of what I am eating. I just need to make sure I plan this in the morning or the night before to stop me food shopping when I’m hungry- far too dangerous! That said, I have recently discovered an amazing salad shop near me, that does huge, delicious salads, a great option for days that I am meeting friends for lunch, or don’t have anything that I can bring with me.

Eating 7 Servings of Fruit and Veg a Day
Apparently 5 are not enough any more, so I am going to try and eat at about 7 portions of different fruit and veg a day, squeezing them into breakfast, snacks, smoothies, lunch and dinner. To do this I need to make sure I have them on hand, in place of a biscuit or chocolate bar. I’m hoping to satiate my sugar cravings with fruit in the afternoon and after dinner. I walk past a Whole Foods on my way to work, so am thinking about picking up a couple of pieces each morning to ensure I get fresh, seasonal produce that I won’t get bored with!

Increase my Protein Intake
I’ll be talking more about this in a future post, but I have realised just how important protein in your diet is when losing/maintaining weight and exercising. I love Sarah’s post on protein, and recently Laura talked about protein shakes for those that don’t want to Hulk up! I try to include a bit of protein into each of my meals, and have swapped out low fat yogurts for Greek yogurt, but I am looking into adding a bit of protein powder to my life…watch this space.

Eat Better Breakfasts
When I was younger I hated breakfast. I used to either skip it, or choose something filling like…a chocolate biscuit. I’m not sure what happened in the intervening years, but I now LOVE breakfast. I know I need to eat enough to keep me full, and energized/refueled after a pre-work workout. I love pb on toast with banana, porridge with berries and yogurt and granola. I may also try to include some eggs for breakfast a couple of times a week!

Think About Snacking
Seemingly no matter what I eat for breakfast or lunch, I always need (want) a snack between meals. I know I can’t go with nothing very often, so I need to factor in snacks to my day. Healthy, filling, nutritious foods that will perk me up at 11am/4.30pm (my hunger hours) and get me ready for a lunch break gym session or run after work. Allowing myself to snack will keep me full but also in control and stop me pigging out on a share size pack of crisps or bag of chocolate. I’m not a massive fan of nuts as a snack, I know they are great but I just don’t get it. However, I recently discovered these, ok so they are caramelised  nuts IN chocolate, and they are so so expensive, but I love them, and I can have two or three with my afternoon cup of tea and I really enjoy them. Just need to find someone to finance this habit…

Cut Down on Portion Sizes
I don’t need to eat the same amount as Tom. Infact, I shouldn’t be. I also don’t need to finish my plate and sides when I go out for dinner. In particular, I know that I need to cut down on my carb intake- not that I am going all Atkins over here, but I recently took a quiz that suggested my metabolism works best with a 40-30-30 breakdown: 40 protein, 30 carb and 30 fat! I am going to load up my plate with fresh veggies and cut down the pasta, potato, bread aspects, particularly in my dinners.

Starting Weight: 66.7kg
Goal Weight: 63kg

I’d love to lose the weight, but ultimately if I tone up and feel more confident with my figure I will be very very happy!

Are you planning on bikini holiday that you want to get into better shape for? How are you going about toning up?


  1. Lisa

    oooh whats the quiz that shows how your metabolism works?

    It seems like you have really good and achievable goals! I want to incorporate running (I just cant get into it!) and do more weight training at the mo I just do spin, body pump and metafit so I want to try new things.

    Foodwise I also need to watch portion sizes and since giving up meat (but not fish) I need to try some new recipes that will give me protein and fill me up. As much as I’d like to live on hot smoked salmon I dont think its wise!

    Looking forward to reading about how you get on x

    • Charlie

      it is part of Jillian Michael’s book ‘Making the Cut’! Just been reading your blog, keep up the good work! You have a similar weight loss goal to me, I want to be in the 9s!!

      As for running, start small- why not sign up for Leah’s 10k and effectively train with us? Or, go big, I signed up for the marathon with no previous experience and just had to throw myself into training using Hal Higdon’s programmes! Let me know if you do sign up for the 10k!

  2. Lisa

    I love Jillian Michaels – although I’d want to be Team Bob ; ) Hot!

    Oooft you’re brave – but you give me hope that it can be done! I’ve ran (walked) a 10K before and I did a Spartan Sprint but for some reason I really cant get to that lost in running phase where I enjoy it and can zone out!

    I’ll def look into it – promise!!

  3. themovingmuncher

    A lot of what you wrote rang true and I think it’s great that you can address these individual points so that they are more manageable, something I’m going to try and do too!

    And good find with Leah’s 10K training plan… I’ve just printed off a copy so hopefully I will get my ass into gear 🙂

  4. Leah

    SO happy to have you as part of Team Naturally, Run! My aim is to just make it a really supportive (yet accountable) environment for every ability – but especially those girls for whom 10K will be a big challenge!

    I try and pack my lunch every day – but have gotten into the habit of a) needing to go outside at lunch for some fresh air and b) using that as an excuse to go and get a ‘snack’ – generally popcorn or chocolate rice cakes. NOT GOOD (for my bank account or waist!). I need to cut that back and instead just go for a walk around the block.

    I have about the same weight loss goal as you. I’m currently hovering around the 68 mark and I’d like to get under the 65 mark – which is where I was and felt amazing. Because I am so short – a kilo REALLY shows on me, so a 3kg loss makes me looks really trim. I’m working on getting back to 65 before summer so I am with ya there!

    Ever considered a whole 30? 😉

    • Charlie

      I love Pret’s chocolate covered rice cakes!! so good. When the weather is better I think it will be easier to go for just a walk but right now I have to have an excuse! ooh I might look into whole 30, I saw some of your reviews on your blog. It looks hard though!

  5. RunNYC1024

    um. i am terrified for bikini season. My ass needs to get in gear and do so quick! Maybe I should do a before/after photo for guidance?

    • Charlie

      That’s a great idea. I have a before shot of me in a bikini- great inspiration of what I don’t want to look like this summer!

  6. Ffion

    Good luck with your weight loss, seems that exercise is part of your everyday life anyway, so a few tweaks and you’ll do great!


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