‘Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try’.
Anyone else feeling totally inspired by watching the Olympic athletes take part in their various events? I have had goosebumps more times than I can remember- probably during each and every medal ceremony that I have watched, i.e a lot. I’ve cried a couple of times, including when Mo Farrah won gold in the 10,000m, when Andy Murray won gold at Wimbledon, and when Jessica Ennis claimed gold in the Heptathlon.
I love the ‘Greatness’ NIKE adverts that greet me at the tube station on my way to work every morning, definitely a reminder to stick to my goals! If only they could be there all the time! 
I’ve been inspired to start swimming. I have watched the swimmers glide through the pool and wish I could swim a little bit better. Or a lot better actually. I realise this may mean needing to go to some adult improver swimming lessons. I don’t think my strokes are particularly effective or efficient, and I am certainly do not have the cardio fitness at the moment to plough up and down the pool. Nor do I own the correct attire- red and white frilly bikinis are probably not acceptable when doing lanes in a public swimming pool! 
  I have been inspired to give it my all. No more lame excuses as to why I can’t go to the gym, why I should have another drink (ok I will still keep coming up with excuses but they will be ‘post exercise’ gym drinks) or why I’ll get fit and trim another year. I am fed up of not being fit, and not having a body that I am proud of. This changes NOW.
 I have been inspired to try something new- to give different exercise classes a go, to play tennis with friends, to go for a walk rather than the pub, to learn to play squash, to sign up for a sailing holiday next year. I used to be intimidated by trying something new, especially something sports based, for fear of embarrassing myself. I am beginning to learn that its the things that we DONT do that we regret most. I’ve signed up to a new gym that offers a whole range of conveniently timed classes that I can try before, during and after work. I’ve signed up for a Kettlebell class on Monday lunch- I can’t wait!
 I have been inspired to eat more healthily, and think about what I eat rather than mindlessly picking, or eating whatever we have at work.
hmmm IN’N’OUT burger!

  I have been inspired to make more of the city that I live in. London is a great place and I do not enjoy it to its maximum. All of the awesome things going on around the Olympics have highlighted this. I need to be a lot more organised and book things in advance, like the theatre, to get good deals and not miss out on things. Time Out is going to become a new must read!


 I am so upset that the Olympics are ending this weekend. What am I going to watch and talk about now????


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