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How Far Have You Come On Your Fitness Journey?

Jan 29, 2017 | life updates, Lifestyle, Running | 6 comments

My blog friend Georgina from Fitcetera recently posted this on Instagram: ‘I recorded this a few weeks ago but was embarrassed to put it up because, let’s face it, after 3 years of CrossFit I should be a lot better at these than I am… but what can I say – I love lifting heavy stuff too much! ? ‘

It got me thinking about how much we focus on where we *should* be, and not how far we have already come. I’ve been running for 5+ years, and run 6 marathons, perhaps I should have run a BQ by now, maybe I should have faster half marathon and 10K PBs.

We concentrate on where we want to get to without celebrating how much progress has already been made, the improvements we have seen. 

Think about how far you've come

Think about how far you've come

Personally, I’ve knocked over an hour off my marathon PB (I ran 4.54 in London 2012, and a 3.49 in Berlin 2014). I’m not pushing for a BQ in my next marathon, however after chatting with my coach today, we talked about running around a 3.40. Now that would be progress of nearly 1hr 15mins from that first attempt. Maybe I should have run a PB in the two years and two marathons since Berlin, however things just haven’t aligned that way, but I’m still working and I will get there.

For some people, knowing how much work you need to do can feel either motivating or intimidating. It’s important that every so often you step back and review the the work you have already completed and the progress achieved. My recent half marathon PB came at the perfect time for me to be able to do this.

Think about how far you've come

Next time you’re doubting your ability, or worrying about how much you still have to do, stop and reflect. If your fitness goal isn’t a running time or something so easy to track, think about making a training diary to note down your weights, reps etc. Celebrate the mini milestones, whether thats hitting all of your repeats/sets, running a PB or simply achieving your goal to workout 5 days a week.

Where were you when you started on your health or fitness journey?

‘Take pride in how far you’ve come and have faith in how far you can go’. 

Think about how far you've come

In this post, I’m wearing an outfit from La Redoute fitness range – this bomber jacket, stripy grey top, leggings and trainers (many of the items are 60% off!). They asked me to collaborate to share some motivational fitness tips for 2017 on their website – check out the full blog post on their site with some other bloggers sharing their top motivation fitness tips. I didn’t actually realise that La Redoute had their own brand of fitness gear, the R Essential range, as well as selling Puma, Adidas, Nike, Reebok, and Ellasweet.

How do you motivate yourself?
I motivate myself by reminding myself each morning how much I want to achieve my running goals. I want to know that when I get to that start line of a marathon, I have done everything I can to be in the best shape possible and run the race I’ve trained for.

What is your weekly exercise regime?
I run 5-6 times a week, usually two hard workouts and 3/4 easy fun runs, on top of that I’m aiming for 2 core workouts, a leg day and yoga once a week.

What’s your favourite go-to healthy meal?
This recipe is my favourite sunday night meal to make after a long run or race – it’s so delicious!

Zucchini Spaghetti, Crispy Prosciutto and Roasted Cauliflower with Lemon-Parmesan Sauce

What’s your #1 fitness tip?
Find an activity or sport that you enjoy – you’re never going to slog to the gym for something you hate so try something fun like a boxing class or join a netball team instead. Its easier to stick to a regime that you like!

How do you keep track of your progress?
I love that I can look back at my workouts and race on my blog and instagram. I think I’ll get a training diary (love a new notebook) for 2017 to see how I’m progressing though!

Favourite soundtrack for your workout?
I’m lucky that Tom, my fiancé, makes awesome running playlists for me – I love a combination of old school classics and new tunes. Favourite running song currently is Clean Bandit – Rockaby.

Are you setting yourself any fitness challenges in 2017?
My ultimate fitness challenge for 2017 is to run a marathon BQ (sub 3.35 for my age group).


  1. Chiswickmum

    Looking fab in that pink jacket, btw. So how do I know I’m getting fitter? I do the same route a couple of months later. Today, I cycled up a hill I had to walk up in November. OK I was nearly sick at the top, but I did it. Go me!

    • charliedwatson

      Exactly, by tracking your progress with paces, weights, distances, or just doing the same route and discovering how much easier you find it or how much stronger you are! That will be both your mental and physical fitness developing to get you up that hill!

  2. W. Purves

    Great photos in the bomber jacket. All well in NZ.

  3. Andrea

    It’s so hard to not meet “milestones” that other people have accomplished. For me, the Marathon has eluded me despite training for it three times(one torn meniscus which took me out for two training cycles and one sprained ankle three weeks before my last attempt!). Honestly I sometimes feel so disappointed when I’m the only one in my running group that isn’t a marathoner. BUT then other times I feel so proud of myself when I can casually keep a 7:50 min/mile pace(okay that doesn’t happen -all- the time but when it does I feel so awesome!).

    • charlotte

      7.50 min mile is super speedy!! One day you will get that marathon medal.


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