Geneva Half Marathon Race Recap

Who on earth brings a cashmere jumper as their race throwaway?

This idiot, that’s who.

I’d asked Tom for a throwaway top at approximately 4.39am on Saturday morning and he produced a Tesco jumper that had huge holes in both elbows. Perfect, except for the fact that it was 100% cashmere. The girls took the piss out of me a lot over the weekend (and subsequently) because of it!

Our morning started early with some peanut butter on french bread, before taking the tram to the race start area to meet up with the other girls. Luckily Ashley’s work P&G were a major race sponsor so we were able to use their VIP area to stay warm before the start. It was a lot lot colder outside than any of us were expecting and I was very thankful for my cosy top!

I didn’t know how my legs would feel for the half marathon, but I wanted to stick with the girls and help pace Ashley to a 13.1 PB!

The race took us through the countryside surrounding Geneva for the first 6 or so miles. It was very windy and chilly, but pretty enough to take our minds off it. The course is rolling hills for the first few miles, before flattening out in the second half.

I didn’t bring any water with me for this so relied on the aid stations along the course- having to stop to drink out of the cups and take my gel at the halfway point. Our group were still mostly together at this point, chatting as we ran.

Just after the 10K mark we seemed to re-enter Geneva city, running along the waterfront. The wind and terrible hair tie had meant that my hair looked completely unacceptable throughout the run! It also became very cold again, and I began to wish that I had worn a few more clothes.

Running through the centre of town, we passed Jason, Leah’s fiancé who looked a little shocked to see us shouting at him!

The route took us through the town centre before looping out through the Botanical Gardens, up two mean and painful hills, before heading back into the centre. Ashley slowed as if to start walking up the last hill but quickly started running again when I shouted ‘no walking’ at her. Laura and I reassured her that it was meant to hurt this late on in a race when you’re attempting a PB, and that she should give it everything she had.

With no clear finish arch, we were running at a steady pace over a bridge when suddenly we hit blue carpet marking the final 20m. I shouted at Ashley to ‘GO GO GO’, and we sprinted over the finish line- in 2.03.01. A brand new PB for Ashley! (some children and other runners may have been pushed out of the way in this PB attempt but none were harmed)

We were met at the finishing line with water, fruit and cake!! (although Laura and I were told off for having taken too much cake, and for eating it in the wrong place- Switzerland is very strict!). We made our way to the P&G tent for more post-race goodies including coffee, cheese and more cake. I also tucked in to one of the Trek protein bars that Natural Balance Foods had sent me to try- perfect fuel to aid recovery!

During the 5K run, Ashley had said that if we could successfully pace her to a new half marathon PB then she’d jump in Lake Geneva post-race…

and that girl keeps her word… 
What a brilliant weekend with some of my favourite runner girls in Geneva, and thank you so much to Ashley and Bo for being incredible hosts!


  1. May 8, 2014 / 8:38 am

    Congrats to all and well done on Ashley for her PB. Quick question: where did you get those amazing (compression?) socks? 🙂

    • May 15, 2014 / 9:47 am

      They are from Pro Compression. I absolutely love them, and think they make a real difference with muscle soreness/recovery.

  2. May 9, 2014 / 2:21 pm

    Congrats on a great race!

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