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Jan 30, 2011 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

This week I have fallen off the wagon. Well and truly. I have eaten junk food, got a takeaway, had too many gin and tonics, and worst of all, I HAVE NOT RUN AT ALL!

I feel so bad and lethargic.
I do have a couple of excuses to give you though;
1. I have been feeling ill this week, coughing, headaches and just a bit sniffly.
2. It has been so very very cold (I thought we were over the worst of winter, apparently not!)
3. The takeaway was ordered having spent 3 and a half hours on the tube from Woodford to Chiswick when the journey normally takes 50 minutes. We sat on the platform at Woodford for 45 minutes without moving anywhere and the district line was totally suspended. aaargh.

The thai takeaway was from a place called Budsara on Chiswick High Road that we haven’t tried before. I never really know what to order when I get a takeaway and so am never very adventurous. It is particularly hard when you don’t have a menu in front of you.

We shared some spring rolls to start which were pretty good. Then I had a Chicken and Pumpkin Red Thai Curry which was sooo good. I’m going to put butternut squash in my next Thai curry.

Jack had Prawn Pad Thai noodles-I’ll be honest, I ordered them for him, and although they were good, they were a bit too sweet.

It was a real treat to order in as we haven’t done it for so long. Well I haven’t. Jack had a domino’s last weekend and he had a Holy Cow last night!

12 miles to run today… it’s not going to pretty.  


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