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Feb 1, 2011 | Running | 2 comments

After last week’s pitiful training, I was very nervous about running 12 miles on Sunday. It didn’t help that I had told so many people about it on Friday and Saturday night and was beginning to psych myself out.
Jack was wearing his new tights under his shorts to keep him warm. During our run a little girl pointed at him and exclaimed, ‘that man is wearing a skirt!’ Needless to say Jack was not thrilled by this comment.
It was such a dull, overcast morning but luckily it brightened up as we ran.
We had set out running later than usual after a relaxing lie in, this meant that the Tow Path was far busier than usual, I didn’t like that I was constantly being overtaken by other runners!
I was slow. Very slow. After a week of not training I had expected that, but I didn’t expect it to be so painful. It is the last week that I put off training runs! They are a necessity.
I had to keep myself going by thinking of nice things; food mainly. Apparently when you increase the amount of exercise you do, your body craves what it needs. For runners this is supposed to be fruit and veg to keep you lean. Why then, do I crave chocolate fingers while I run?
I treated myself to some at Sainsbury’s after our run where we picked up these other essentials!!
We had a very lazy afternoon, watching Andy Murray in the Australian Open finals, food shopping and cooking an amazing beef roast.
We marinated the beef in a chilli, garlic, lemon and oil mix- so good.
Unfortunately whilst chopping the chilli, Jack sustained a knife related injury (his second in three weeks!) and had to retire from the kitchen. We didn’t have any plasters left so we made do with a bandage and a sterile pad.
I roasted the carrots, parsnips and onions with oil and honey.
And made Yorkshire puddings from scratch for the first time. They were so quick and easy- just a mug of flour, a mug of milk and an egg. I will never be happy with shop bought again!
The roast turned out brilliantly. This is Jack’s heaped plate; mine however did not look that different.


  1. noyesatcrazies

    Love your photos – food always looks delicious. Not sure the same can be said about the legs!
    Keep up the good work. x

  2. vjbrandon

    Hope I have joined the 21st century and can now say how much i love your blog…xxxx


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