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Can Fake Eyelashes Withstand an Active Lifestyle?

Dec 3, 2016 | Lifestyle, Running | 6 comments

I’ve always wondered how so many people seemed to have amazing eyelashes, questioning if they put on stick-on eyelashes every single morning, or just had a really good mascara. Turns out, they were getting extensions, and now I’m in on the secret.

A lot of my friends have had eyelashes for their weddings, and I was keen to give them a try before my big day, so when Agnes dos Santos offered me a complimentary I couldn’t turn it down. Normally I would have had them before another wedding or big party, but I decided it would be fun to test them out during the New York Marathon. I mean, if they could survive 26.2 miles, then they could survive my normally active lifestyle. Plus, fake lashes for Vegas!!

I’m fundamentally lazy, especially when it comes to hair and make up, so the idea of having to reduce the need for eye make up (and shave off valuable minutes in the morning) sounded right up my street. Additionally, I often go make-up free, particularly when I’m working out, and so something that makes me look more awake/attractive without any daily effort is a winner.


But the big question, could they withstand an active lifestyle…

It takes a while to have them put on (about 1.5hrs), I actually fell asleep when they were first applied. And you can’t get them wet for the first 24-48 hours, problematic if you need to wash the sweat out of your hair and face. I got around this by going to the hairdresser (happy coincidence that it was booked for the same day), and using my Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish cloth.

They successfully survived the New York City Marathon, plus the Las Vegas Rock N Roll 5 and 10Ks.

Henley Leisure Centre

Plus plenty of other sweaty running workouts, gym sessions, and yoga. In the above photo I don’t have any make up on, and despite it being 7am and super sweaty – I don’t look completely terrible (or like a blind cat). Not a mascara smudge or panda eye in sight, although the eyebrows could do with some attention.

They even survived a 1000m swim.

speedo swimming challenge

I think the key to good fake eyelashes, even in my limited experience, is that they need to still look natural-ish, as if you could just have that great mascara. Additionally, going to a recommended salon with qualified technicians will ensure you don’t have wonky lashes, or any issues with infection or reactions. Agnes dos Santos does a patch test before they apply any lashes to ensure you’re not allergic to anything, then apply the lashes to each side rather than one at a time to avoid mismatching eyelashes. This is not the treatment to choose the cheapest location for…please!

The lashes last between 6-8 weeks (or a full lash cycle), although having them filled every 3-4 weeks will keep them intact and looking sharp, not bald. Brush them daily with a clean mascara brush, and take your make-up off very carefully.

eyelash extension Agnes dos Santos

I’m obsessed with mine, so far I’ve already gone back for one step of in-fills, but I have a feeling this might become a rather expensive addition to my monthly regime.


  1. Nicole

    I had no idea it would be such a lengthy experience to put them on! that’s v interesting. do you feel them at all? do they fall out?

    • charlotte

      They do fall out but only like your natural lashes fall out. I could feel them the first day but have completely got used to them now. I know, takes a while but so worth it!

  2. Miranda

    But what happens if you decide that you don’t want to have them anymore? Do you end up with weird lopsided eyelashes until they fall out? I’m just worried about the ongoing maintenance… otherwise, I am 100% interested.

    • charlotte

      I’m sure you could go and have them removed, they would fall out naturally like your natural eyelashes do so unless you pull them out/rub your eyes, then they wouldn’t be lopsided!! I love them!!

  3. Nicola

    I absolutely love wearing false eyelashes – they have changed my life!! I never wear mascara and my eyes don’t water when I exercise and sweat .. I also have very short eyelashes so makes a difference for me all round! Mine just fall off if I want a month off ?!!

    • charlotte

      I am a complete convert – can’t imagine life without them now!


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