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Boston Marathon Training 9 Week Countdown

Feb 19, 2017 | Running, Uncategorized | 5 comments


When did race day get so near? As I mentioned in my Facebook video this week, I flit between feeling strong and prepared for Boston, and terrified that I’m not ready, not fast enough. But I am trying my best to trust my coach, believe in the training, and reassure myself that I am putting the work in and will be ready on race day.

Monday – Rest day.

Tuesday – 60 min easy run along the trails near our house – chose the uphill route, and enjoyed the way down!

Wednesday- Speed workout. The only way this would fit into my packed day was on the treadmill at Fitness First before an Asics and ProDirect event. 2 mile warm up, 6 X 600m at 2.41 pace with 90 second recoveries, 2 mile cool down. I had my first session with Owen at Perfect Balance that morning where I’d been dry needled (more on this later this week – I had to google what it was exactly), and had a sports massage so the legs felt a little sore for the first repeat but soon felt good. The pace was manageable although it was like a sauna in the gym.

Thursday – 45 min easy run around Finsbury Park – given that Boston is rather hilly, I’m doing one easy run around hilly Finsbury Park (near my Uni) each week to try to change my mindset on hills. In the evening I had the launch of the new women’s running shoe from Adidas – the Ultra Boost X – which unbeknownst to me had a 6Km run with sprints involved.

Boston Marathon Training 9 weeks to go

Friday – After getting back at midnight on Thursday evening and a restless sleep, I didn’t want to run but knew I’d feel better even after just 30 mins. I had 60 mins on my plan, but only managed 45 mins due to my wedding dress appointment. I tested out the Ultra Boost X on my run along the Thames – they were so bouncy but a little tight across my feet. Full review this week.

Saturday – 16.5 miles – my longest run to date. I ran along the Thames in West London (my old favourite stomping grounds) and it made me so happy to run in the sunshine along my favourite running route. 6 mile warm up, 2 miles at 8.16 pace, 0.5 mile recovery, 1 mile at 7.42 pace, 0.5 mile recovery, 2 miles at 8.12 pace, 0.5 mile recovery, 1 mile at 7.35 pace, 3 mile cool down. I had two Huma gels, one a 5 miles and one at 12 miles with some water that I bought en route. My knee felt a little crunchy and sore towards the end so I iced it when I got home, foam rolled and went to bed at 9.40pm. All the cool kids go to bed early on a Saturday night!!

Sunday – Rest day. My knee felt a little niggly at the end of my 16.5 miler and so coach Mary said that I shouldn’t be afraid to take a full rest day, and I did. I haven’t slept well this week due to early starts, late nights and Tom’s man flu/cough, so having a little lie in until 7.30 before going to church where we’re getting married, and lunch with Tom’s family was perfect. Completed the 7 minute yoga for runners video from Adriene. 

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  1. Nicole

    what a great week. you are crushing it!

  2. W. Purves

    Take care of that knee. I am in the Bahamas.G

  3. Eve

    Looks like you’re crushing it! Question-aren’t the London and Boston marathons about a week apart? Are you doing both?

  4. timmytalks

    Great vlog! Have you done Boston before? It was the downhills rather than the uphills that caught me out last year, oh and the heat! Planning on going back in 2018 to set a few things right. Run well…

    • charlotte

      No this will be my first Boston – better get practicing my downhill then! Good luck for 2018!


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