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Life Lately Feb 2017

Feb 18, 2017 | Lifestyle | 5 comments

Thank you so much for all of your tips and recommendations for our California and Hawaii honeymoon – I cannot wait. It sounds like we’ve picked a great location, and will have a very active time!

And I apologise for my radio silence on the blog this week – things have been hectic.

Wedding Update

Let’s start with the most exciting item on the agenda this week – I BOUGHT MY WEDDING DRESS! I wrote a post a couple of months ago about how I thought I would love wedding dress shopping, and then it turned out to be nothing like I thought. I didn’t love it, I didn’t feel special, my anxiety was in overdrive. And whilst I still feel incredibly anxious about the dress (is it too big?!) I do love it esp with the alterations we’re doing to it. Thank you to those of you who recommended Windsor & Eton brides – they were amazing!!

Bought my wedding dress

Enjoying a glass of Champagne at the National Wedding Fair after buying my dress – probably the best reason to break my no alcohol rule before Boston!

We’re off to the church tomorrow morning, then choosing our wedding car – Tom is way more interested in this than I am – and I’m bridesmaid dress shopping today. I finally feel like I’m making progress on my to-do list, although having trouble securing a make up artist that actually emails/calls me back?? Any recommendations in the Surrey/Sussex area?

Uni Update 

I’m going to be writing a more in-depth update about uni recently, but let’s just say that this term is full on. I had an exam in January, two pieces of coursework and two weeks full time on placement in a local hospital (not that local, it took me 2 hours to get there). I had another exam this week, one next week, a group presentation the following week and then a practical. You know those evenings where you can fully relax, guilt free on the sofa.. no I haven’t had one of those evenings in forever. I constantly feel like I could be revising, reading or blogging.

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day 

I totally forgot to take a photo of Tom and I together on V’day, however as Tom was suffering with man flu, I’m not sure he would have let me anyway. He sweetly bought me the perfect card  as well as a gorgeous bunch of flowers and a book ‘Top Tips for Brides’ (his Mum bought him the Top Tips for Grooms for christmas!). We had a lovely low-key evening at a local pub in Henley with incredible food, before an early night watching The Moorside (about the mum who faked her daughter’s kidnapping – a great two part docudrama from the BBC) – romantic huh!

Boston Training 

8 weeks to go!! This week has been back on the ‘no excuses’ train, with a treadmill speed session, long run this afternoon and plenty of recovery miles. I’ve filmed some of my miles this week and am planning to put it together for a blog and video tomorrow – stay tuned.

Blog Events 

I have been lucky enough to be invited to three super cool blog events this week, although it means that the earliest I’ve been home is 9.30pm and I am shattered. I went to the launch of the new Asics Fuze X Rush on Wednesday evening with ProDirect Running, followed by the awesome Adidas UltraBoostX launch in their Brick Lane space on Thursday night, and the Charli Cohen London Fashion Week show last night – full posts coming on all of these this week. I’m also thinking about doing a Facebook Live post with my first impressions of the Adidas UltraBoostX!

Adidas UltraBoostX launch

Now that we live outside of London and I have such a long commute, I’ve been saying NO to a lot more events than I’m able to say yes to, mostly for my own sanity and sleep but I’m so glad I said yes to these three fun evenings.

What’s been the highlight of your life lately? What would you chat about if we were having coffee? xx 


  1. W.Purves.

    What a lovely Valentines bouquet – lucky girl! G.

  2. Mary

    Erm…how do you have time to breathe in all that?! Superwoman! Make sure you do manage to fit in some down time too so that you don’t end up burning out. Sounds like you’ve been up to loads of exciting things though and yay for purchasing your wedding dress! ?

  3. thehangrykiwi

    Oh my gosh totally agree about wedding dress shopping, at 5ft nothing fit me and I HATED it!! Ended up getting my dressed made and loved it. Glad you found one!

  4. Susie M

    Well done on sorting the dress, so happy you got it from Windsor & Eton, they’re lovely! My dress from there was perfect.

  5. timea1983Timea

    Hey Charlie, sounds like you’ve been a very busy bee! Glad you’ve found a nice wedding dress – that one was a biggie for me, too! That was about 5 years ago… I was actually gonna ask if you might be up for a run together sometime and a coffee, I also live in the Henley on Thames area and run there regularly! I am part of the UK Fitness bloggers group on Facebook so I guess that makes me not such a random stranger LOL


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