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Best Running Headbands and Hats

Feb 21, 2018 | Kit, Running | 3 comments

‘Where did you get your headband?’

Believe it or not, this is one of the most frequently asked questions on my Instagram.

I have built up quite a collection over the years and have some firm favourites when it comes to headbands, hats and caps to wear out running. In fact, I haven’t brought one with me to wear in Tokyo and I’m slightly nervous that I’ve made the wrong decision!

Sadly most of the headbands and hats that I wear are from years gone by so I’ve shared a selection of my favourites that you can find… don’t be surprised if you see me run Tokyo in one of the headbands below…


During the colder months I usually wear a thick, fleecy style headband. Most of mine are repurposed skiing headbands that I wear under my helmet/bring to wear at lunch on the slopes. I also absolutely LOVE the glittery and themed headbands from Sparkly Soul. Here are a couple of my favourite headbands that are similar to the ones I’ve been wearing all winter and been receiving a lot of comments about…

1.Sweaty Betty Jacquard Headband  2. Fly Away Tamer3.  Sweaty Betty Thermal Headband 

4 Riggler Doretta Headband  5. Nike Furry Headband 

6. Ronhill Victory Headband   7,Orange Nike Headband 8.Nike Seamless Headband

Running through Sydney


I don’t have any running specific hats either (like the ones where you can stick your ponytail out of the back) instead I pick up whichever beanie is nearest the front door when it’s really cold.

Similarly, I have a couple of favourite caps that I’ll wear when it’s really hot/sunny, or I’m having a bad hair day! My absolute fave is my Boston Red Sox cap that I got while I was in Boston for the marathon weekend last year. I was a cheapskate and bought the kids version, also I have a tiny head so the adult ones looked ridiculous on me. I really love Baseball, I think it’s my fave American sport, so it was incredible to watch the Red Sox at Fenway Park on Easter Sunday last year. My other caps are an assortment from sports games, marathon expos and Target.

Boston Marathon Race Recap

I think it’s the same for my running bobble hats, they’re mostly just random beanies that we have in the house, that I pop on for very cold runs (or when I don’t want to tie my hair up!)

The most stressful time of the year

best running hats

  1. Red Sox Baseball cap 2. New Balance Snowball Beanie 3. Asics Holiday Cap 

4. World Marathon Majors cap  5. Asics beanie  6. Nike Beanie 

7. Ronhill bobble hat  8. New Balance Visor  9. Trail and Kale Trucker cap 


Hope you’re having a great hump day – do you like the look of any of these hats/caps/headbands? Would you like to see more of these sorts of kit posts? 


  1. Rachel

    Thanks for sharing! I’m definitely in need of a new headband so you’ve given me some inspiration 😛
    I love having a nosey at other peoples kits!


  2. Cathryn

    I definitely welcomed this post and am about to do some online shopping, thanks Charlie.

    I’m off Twitter and IG for Lent (and sanity) so just wanted to wish you the best of luck in Tokyo. Race hard, race well but also enjoy that wonderful, spectacular city and its kind, lovely people!!

  3. Cat Storey

    I always love your headbands, but have never bought one myself, so thankyou for this. I’ll be treating myself soon.

    Cat from


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