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Active Travel: Healthy Weekend in Bath

Mar 11, 2017 | Active Travel, Active Travel Guides, UK Based Active Travel | 6 comments

Visit Bath - What to do on a healthy getaway to Bath

Visit Bath - What to do on a healthy getaway to Bath

After our trip to Tokyo fell through, Tom was unable to change his days off (which have to be booked months in advance as a pilot) so we decided to do a UK mini break instead. VisitBath invited us for a weekend to explore the wellness scene in the city and it seemed like the perfect fit.

After completing my Boston Marathon training long run first thing before we drove down to Bath, so top of the agenda was the thermal baths…

Best Healthy Activities 

Thermae Baths 

The only spa in Bath Spa that utilises the natural, mineral rich warm waters offers two hour time slots for the public to enjoy their roof top pool, Minerva bath and steam rooms (although these were closed when we visited). We though that the £38 (£35 on weekends) was quite steep, but you do at least get a towel, robe and flip-flops to utilise during your visit. It was incredibly relaxing although rather crowded, operating a one in, one out policy – we were told that it’s practically empty during the week. The perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon!

Healthy Weekend Break to Bath

Roman Baths 

You can’t really visit Bath without exploring the Roman Baths (it’s the one thing about my trip to Bath 20 years ago). They’ve done a great job restoring these ancient baths, set at the heart of the City of Bath, they are in amazing shape. It’s one of the most well preserved ancient religious spas, set upon the unique thermal springs. The Baths and museum offer a great insight into the city two thousand years ago.

Roman Bath - Visit Bath

Bath Skyline Walk

This was high on our agenda, but sadly due to logistics, didn’t happen. There isn’t any parking at the start of the walk, meaning you have to catch a bus or hike a mile uphill before starting the six mile roundtrip walk. I actually had grand plans to run the route (hiking the steep uphills) – definitely on the list for next time, and probably a great pre-thermae spa activity! Find out more about the walk here.  Apparently there’s also a parkrun at Bath skyline!

The one way systems, lack of parking and proximity of most of the attractions/shops, you’ll clock up a number of miles just walking around the city. We explored the Circle, Royal Crescent and the Jane Austen museum (I love Pride & Prejudice but was a little disappointed by the museum), all easy walking distance from the centre.

Watch a Rugby Match 

We’re big rugby fans, and Bath have a great team, so next time we visit we’ll make sure it coincides with a Bath home game – the next home game is on April 1st 2017, tickets are about £36.

Bath Half Marathon 

I ran the Bath Half back in 2012 and although I had a tough race, I would love to run it again. The race is one of the biggest halfs in the UK and is held in March each year- next weekend actually. It’s a really well organised race that takes over the whole city, with plenty of supporters, aid stations and a few hills!

Visit the Farmers Market

Another activity we weren’t in town for but would love to experience is the Bath Farmers market, the first Farmers Market in the UK, with vendors from the surrounding 40 miles showcasing their wares at Green Park Station. You can pick up everything from meat, fish, veggies to cheese, pies and homemade cakes. There’s also a plethora of coffees, vegan and gluten free options, chocolate and local brews. Find out more here.

Best healthy restaurants in Bath

Best Healthy Restaurants in Bath 

We only had a few meals to try a number of restaurants so this also includes some recommendations that we didn’t get a chance to test out.

Beyond the Kale 

Tom was apprehensive about giving this vegan cafe a try, however he admitted that the cake and smoothies were amazing. I cannot stop thinking about the carrot cake. As well as a delightful cake selection, they also serve a spread of salad, soups and sandwiches for lunch, plus dinner on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays (until 8pm). Well worth a visit, plus the cafe is very instagrammable (I know I’m not the only one that thinks about these things).

Visit Bath - What to do on a healthy getaway to Bath

Visit Bath - What to do on a healthy getaway to Bath

The Green Bird Cafe 

Tucked just beyond the Circus and Royal Crescent, the Green Bird Cafe serves breakfast and lunch, and a brunch menu on weekends. I had the most incredible mushrooms on toast with a poached egg and a side of chorizo (I’d run 15+ miles that morning) however sadly despite delicious food, the service wasn’t great and my meal came out a full 10 minutes after Tom had finished his food.

Chapel Arts Cafe 

Bath has a great selection of veggie and vegan cafes, and one that came highly recommended was the Chapel Arts Cafe. Located in the centre of town, near the Roman Baths, but tucked just off the main road, this is a real gem. Famed for its flatbreads, which Tom can attest are great, most of the food served is organic and locally sourced. I enjoyed the Beetroot, Kale and Butternut Squash salad with garlic flatbread – so good! It’s only open from 10-4pm (Mon-Sat) and filled up quickly.

Healthiest places to eat in Bath

Green Rocket Cafe

Sadly we didn’t make it to Green Rocket Cafe, but it was recommended by a number of people on Twitter. This veggie cafe is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, with an exciting menu that looks like it will please both veggies and non-veggies alike.

I think over the years vegetarian restaurants have got a bad rep but these sorts of places prove that meat free is not taste free, infact it was the opposite. I usually try to find a mixture of healthy spots and not-so healthy for when Tom and I travel, however I think he was pleasantly surprised by the selection and food available in the vegan/veggie cafes – and I might get away with a few more on our next trip!

Another one on our list for next time is Menu Gordon Jones, offering surprise 5/6 course fine dining tasting menus that are all seasonal and locally sourced. At £50/£55, I think it’s great value and would be a really fun birthday, date or anniversary treat.

For me, being healthy is all about balance, and for me balance means cake and gin…

Best healthy restaurants in Bath

Jacobs Coffee House 

This cute coffee shop next to the Roman Baths served huge doorstop size pieces of cake, we can highly recommend the carrot cake and the chocolate banana bread. Although the downstairs looks small, there’s a huge comfy seating area upstairs – perfect after shopping, walking around the Roman Baths, or sitting in the Thermae Spa.

The Canary Gin Bar 

Another recommendation that we didn’t make it to, but will definitely be visiting on our next trip. Boasting a large selection of gins, including those from the Bath Gin Company, this is apparently one of the best bars in Bath. There’s also a Bath Gin Club starting in April on the first Weds of every month (this might dictate when we return to Bath!)

Combe Grove

Combe Grove

Combe Grove

We were hosted at Combe Grove, a beautiful hotel in the suburbs of Bath for our stay. It was a little wet (and cold) to fully enjoy the amazing facilities including an outdoor pool and tennis court, but we did try out the BodyPump class at the country club attached to the hotel (Tom and I both had quivering muscles by the end of the session). There’s also a spa and sauna, gym, and golf driving range. We loved staying here for a real getaway, however you definitely need a car to get here from the city (and I was very glad Tom was the one driving, the roads are steep, narrow and chaotic!).

We ate breakfast and dinner at the hotel, enjoying three courses at each!

Visit Bath - What to do on a healthy getaway to Bath



  1. Mandi | No Apathy Allowed

    I can’t help but think of Jane Austen when I think of Bath — so thanks for sharing all the other great things to check out there as well! Will have to add it to my travel list. And how great that you were able to turn a canceled race into a nice little getaway!

    • charlotte

      Me too although I was a little disappointed by the museum – we did the tour which was really good. It was such a fun trip!

  2. organicsandra

    Wow! What a great trip. I have only briefly been to England but this trip to Bath sounds fantastic. I would love to visit the baths. So happy you enjoyed such a nice trip!

    • charlotte

      Highly recommend a trip if/when you’re back in England, the baths were so relaxing!

  3. Bronia | thesportsing

    Love Bath but only ever been there for work. We’ve been talking about a weekend there for ages and never got round to it but now it’s right back up at the top of the list! Thanks!

    • charlotte

      No problem, glad you enjoyed this post and hope you manage to make a trip where you can enjoy a relaxing weekend. Although if you are back for work, you could always sneak a healthy lunch break at one of these top spots!


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