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Boston Marathon Training: 7 Weeks to Go

Mar 8, 2017 | Running, Running Advice | 9 comments

Have you watched this week’s training video? (And subscribed to my channel?)

Monday – Barrecore class (missed it so much) read why I love Barrecore for marathon training here, 45 min treadmill run watching NCIS.

Tuesday –  Tom managed to convince me that I should join him on a run in the sunshine, and I was glad to be out of the house and getting my run done. I feel like it was all I could do to get the runs done last week (writing this the following Weds and I’m so much more excited to run and motivated to train hard this week!).

Boston Marathon Training 7 Weeks to Go

Wednesday – Day off.

Thursday – 60 min treadmill run at 9.15pm (watching another episode of NCIS). This felt like a bit of a slog so late, especially with a 4am alarm. But this training cycle is all about no excuses!

Friday – I was invited by 361, the Asian sports brand (read more about my trainer review here) to Hamburg for the day with Fleur to hear all about Kai’s journey from Hamburg to Shanghai on foot. He’s going to be running 12000km over 235 days, an incredible undertaking. We were able to join Kai on a run around the lake in Hamburg, around 5 miles.

Boston Marathon Training 7 Weeks to Go

Saturday – 12 mile bike ride with Ride Social and a group in Henley, it was a great turnout with 13 of us riding for an hour followed by 20 mins of yoga. I was supposed to be running 15 miles however I was exhausted so swapped it for the 6 mile easy run.

Sunday – I was up early to practice my pre-run breakfast, hydrate properly and meet Emma for my first 5 warm up miles. I also managed to convince her to run the first of my 4 X 2 miles repeats with me.

5 mile warm up

4 X 2 miles at 8.35 (starting at 8.35, 8.25, 8.20, 8.15) with 0.25 mile recoveries at 9min mile pace

1.5 mile cool down

This run was another confidence boosting long run, I managed to hit all the paces except the last 2 mile repeats which was into a ridiculously strong weekend. I found it a bit of a battle with myself and my schedule, to get the workouts done, but I’ve gone into this week feeling so motivated and determined to fit my workouts in the morning to ensure they’re better quality than the evening treadmill slogs.

How did your training go this week? 


  1. Nicole

    you are really crushing it. that sounds like a very tough week but you made it work. hope you’re feeling good.

  2. organicsandra

    Trying to keep the momentum going to Boston but had a bad run today. Oh well. Love the video of the barre core class. Looks like fun!

    • charlotte

      Thanks Sandra, keep going, one bad run doesn’t make a bad training cycle. ON to the next run…the countdown is on!!

  3. Nicole

    You are totally crushing training! It sounds like you had a busy but productive week

    • charlotte

      Thanks Nicole, definitely trying to 🙂

  4. Sarah

    Good luck with the rest of your training, sounds like you are smashing it! I’m hoping to complete my first marathon later this year, will see how training goes first!

    • charlotte

      thank you, GOOD LUCK with your training!

  5. MrsB

    In a way I miss marathon training but in a way I don’t 😉 So many miles!

    • charlotte

      Haha I actually love marathon training, although it is so time consuming!


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