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30 Minute Lunchbreak Treadmill Workouts

Nov 17, 2015 | Running | 2 comments

Quick and Sweaty 30 Minute treadmill workouts

We’ve been seriously lucky with our Autumn so far in London, and although it’s been a little wet, it hasn’t got too cold yet. I haven’t trained over winter for a race for about 2 years, and although I don’t have any spring marathon plans, I do want to train to race a half in the New Year.

I’m great at doing my long runs out in the cold, but less disciplined when it comes to shorter, faster runs and often I will opt to do these on a treadmill instead. As many of you are probably office workers, I thought I’d share some of my favourite lunchtime quickie treadmill workouts for when the weather is terrible, you don’t have long to exercise or you fancy something short and sweaty!!

MyRun technogym

Back in September, I went on a trip to Italy to Technogym, to see where the famous gym equipment was designed, tested and built, and to test out the latest at-home treadmill from Technogym. ‘MyRun’ is a sleek, intelligent treadmill that syncs to your iPad or tablet to control your workout. You can programme it to follow a specific workout or mimic an outside run that you’ve already done- perfect for those training for hilly races. Similarly you can use the downloadable app to log miles on the pavement or trails as well as on the MyRun treadmill. Plus the downloadable training plans are written by professionals, taking you from couch to marathon before you know it.

MyRun technogym

With no arm rails but a large running surface area, this could not be more comfortable to run on, plus it measures your stride length and step frequency, then selects the music to match your pace. Oh and its really really quiet! I seriously want one for my sitting room so that I can silently log some miles while Tom is sleeping and I’m catching up on NCIS or I’m a Celebrity!

25 Minute Interval Incline Treadmill Workout 


PB Finger’s 30 Minute Interval Workout 


Lunchbreak Interval Treadmill Workout 


Pumps & Iron 30 Min Speed Workout


20 Minute Cardio Blast Workout 


Iowa Girl Eats 35 minute 3.5 mile workout


PB Finger’s 30 Min Countdown workout 


These are all in miles per hour, you may need to change them to kilometres in the UK/Europe – here’s a great cheat sheet to help you out!  Treadmill Conversion cheat sheet


I’m also thinking of putting together some runs that you could do outside or on a treadmill for those of you that aren’t members of a gym or just hate to run inside!


  1. Liz @ The Clean Eating Couple

    I definitely don’t have enough time on my lunch break to go for runs ( wish I did!) but I go for a few short walks throughout the day. I’m pinning these for my cardio days 🙂

  2. missd3bbie

    I’d love to read some runs for outside. I don’t have gym membership, and although there’s a very cheap gym at work everyone there is very very fit!

    Debs |



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