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A Surprise PB at West Run London

Nov 16, 2015 | Uncategorized | 6 comments

Whilst our new local race, West Run London 10K, is not quite on our doorstep, it’s pretty close. I’ve grown up hanging around Fulham and Parsons Green areas so when I heard there was going to be a new race in the area, I was immediately keen to sign up.

We were able to park about 15 mins from the start line, (public transport options are also easy to the area) and walked along Fulham Road to Eel Brook Common. The queue to collect race packs was rather long, however most packs were posted out in advance so only those as disorganised as me had to wait to pick up their bibs. We luckily still had time check our bags in, nip to the loo – crucial for my friend Phil who had taken a laxative the night before (he asked me to write that in the blog, apparently it ‘keeps things interesting, like Russian Roulette’) and get to the start line just as the gun went off.

West Run 10K

My friend Ben also requested that his blog photo was taken pre-race… (yes my friends make fun of my blog a lot- right now joke is on them!)

Vitality West Run

I didn’t have a goal in mind as we crossed the start line, and had originally wanted just to finish in under 55 mins, but then Emily sped off and I followed. It was a bit of a slow start and very congested, there was a sub 45 pacer, a 1 hour pacer and 1hr15 pacer- my friend Charlie! With no 50 or 55 pacer, the group between 45-60mins was full of runners of different speeds. We ended up zig zagging a little around other people.

Mile 1 – 7.43

Mile 2 – 7.38

Vitality WestRun

The run took us up to Fulham Broadway, down to Putney Bridge, along Fulham Road, up and down Munster Road and up to Stamford Bridge. The route wasn’t exactly picturesque but it was fun running past friends’ houses, pubs, bars, shops and restaurants that we frequent!

West Run

After the second mile I could feel that Emily was speeding up, whilst I was slowing down and I didn’t want to burn out completely so I let Emily speed off ahead and kept chugging along at my own pace. It’s definitely possible to run a PB on this course, or at least a good time, although there are quite a few sharp turns to contend with.

Mile 3- 7.49

Mile 4 – 7.54

I saw Tom and Phil running together around the halfway point and was still feeling strong, however I wished I wasn’t running alone. I miss running with friends!

Mile 5- 8.03

I started to struggle against the wind which seemed to be blowing fiercely in our face for a lot of the race. Watching my pace slow whilst my effort stayed the same was really demoralising. We ran around Stamford Bridge and I thought of how much Tom would love it, and how much I wanted to stop running!

Vitality WestRun

Mile 6 – 7.45

0.2 Mile – 6.52

I found a little more energy in the bank once I saw the 9K marker, and picked up the pace. I couldn’t quite remember what my 10K PB was from Bupa 10,000m 2014 but I thought it might be close. I started to sprint with 400m, 100m, 50m and over the line.

Official time 47.58 and a PB by over a minute, 7.48 average pace. Emily was there waiting for me at the end having sped to the finish in 46.47! Loved the medals, although for some reason we thought there were post race t-shirts, but we couldn’t find them.

Vitality West Run

Vitality West Run

Tom and Phil chased each other all the way to the finish line, crossing in 50.46, check out their competitive sprint finishes!

West Run

After our race we walked to brunch at Boma on Wandsworth Bridge Road for an amazing post-run refuel. Thank you to Vitality West Run for providing Tom and I with complimentary race entry. We will be back next year to attempt new PBs!


  1. Ash diamond

    Congrats on a new PB and those pictures are priceless!!

  2. Cathryn

    Much as I’m delighted for you about your new PB, the best bit of this blog was your guy friends wanting to have their picture in the blog. This made me laugh so much. Also, I always pop a recreational imodium before each race so I’m also laughing at your friend taking a laxative.

  3. missd3bbie

    It was such a windy day, glad it didn’t stop you getting a PB! Congrats. Haha russian roulette. I’m quite new to running and the thought of this scares me.

    Deborah |

  4. fionajarrett

    Fun new race. Races based around areas you know are always good craic and so nice that you got to spend the morning with your friends while doing it. Well done on a great PB 🙂

  5. runningprincess78

    Well done on the new PB 🙂 I recently had an unexpected PB too and I remember what an amazing feeling it was.


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