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200 Sit Up Challenge

Oct 30, 2012 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Yesterday morning I hit the gym before work around 8am and it was packed! I don’t normally go to the gym before work on a Monday so I was surprised to see so many people on the machines.

It also meant that all of the treadmills were full! So much for my treadmill interval workouts. So I jumped onto the cross-trainer instead and completed the following workout (based on this pbfingers workout)

Time Resistance Level
0-5min 10
5-6min 15
6-6.30min 11
6.30-7.30min 15
7.30-8min 11
8-9min 15
9-9.30min 11
9.30-10.30min 15
10.30-11min 11
11-12min 15
12-12.30min 11
12.30-13.30min 15
13.30-14min 11
14-15min 15
15-15.30min 11
15.30-16.30min 15
16.30-17min 11
17-18min 15
18-18.30min 11
18.30-20min 15
20-25min 10

It was harder than I thought, and after a tough Body Pump class on Sunday my thighs were burning! I cooled down on the bike for 10minutes afterwards before stretching on the PowerPlates.

After seeing the 200 Sit Up Challenge online, I decided to give it a go. Today I took the initial test to see how many sit ups I can do now to see what programme to follow. I achieved a measly 20 full situps which puts me on plan 2. This involves 3 workouts a week for a month, I can’t wait to see the results!


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