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Weight Watchers

Nov 2, 2012 | Uncategorized | 1 comment

After writing about my need to lose weight and tone up, I have signed up to Weight Watchers. I am not going to be attending the meetings but will be tracking my ProPoints and Activity points on my phone and online.

My starting weight is 69kg, with a goal weight of 60kg.

I know it is going to be tough and in order to do it healthily, it will take a while, but I am fed up of being unhappy with my body and it is time to do something about it.

I want to be fit enough to do any sort of physical activity that I want.
I want to feel confident in a bikini.
I want to look good in clothing that doesn’t just consist of baggy tops and empire line dresses.
I want to be able to fit into size 10’s again.
I want to be proud of my strong, healthy body.

Using my body weight, height, activity level and weight loss goal, I have been given my daily WW ProPoints, and my weekly allowance. I have a daily ProPoints total of 26 points, and weekly allowance of 49.

Recording everything that I have eaten in a day will not only hold me accountable for what I eat, but also shows me that some things are JUST NOT WORTH IT. Ribena for example. I had no idea that there were 3 points in a glass of regular ribena. I would way rather 3 points worth of chocolate or cake than Ribena. It was also interesting to see that if I simply switched to the sugar free Ribena then it would have 0 points! So worth the switch. 
It was also a shocking reminder how many calories/points are in alcohol. I used 10 points on gin and tonics on Friday night! 
The reason I chose Weight Watchers is because I have read so many success stories of people that have lost weight and kept it off using the program. It is a healthy, sustainable way to lose it. Most fruit and vegetables are worth 0 points so if I am hungry I can still eat. Plus, nothing is forbidden, which is always a bonus in my books! I also like the way you can earn extra points through exercise and activity It definitely promotes a healthy lifestyle. 
Here is my ‘before’ photo, although the only reason I am happy to share it at this stage is because I don’t think it is as awful as it could be- ie. I am trying to cover the main offending area with my hands! I actually think this is a semi-flattering photo which is why I have let myself put it online! 

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  1. goodphat

    hey Charlie! love your blog! i am a weightwatcher London girl and also do willpower and grace!! you will deffo lose the remaining pounds with weightwatchers! check out my blog (poshpiggylovin) on weightwatchers there is a great community there! i also have a healthy lifestyle blog called – im just starting up running and hoping to actually run the whole 5k this year at racefor life! Grace xxx


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