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The Weekend Edit: Rockclimbing on a Hen Do

May 16, 2016 | Active Travel | 5 comments

Apologies for the delay in this going live, I decided to drive to Cardiff to see Tom after the Hen Do yesterday (it was near Bristol), and he has the most appalling wifi so the vlog wouldn’t upload to YouTube!

But here it is…

I have been seriously stressing recently, with exams, hen do organising and life to contend with. Part of the reason I went to Cardiff on Sunday was because on Sat I just felt completely overwhelmed by it all and ended up not going on the night out (which you will see in the vid above). I think it was weeks of planning the hen, hours of food prep/cleaning whilst on the hen, and the thought of my next exam on Thurs, I became a total stress head.

I felt so bad about it the next day, and just needed to escape London and the chaos for some quiet time in the Diff. I love it down there! And of course having Tom there helps my anxiety loads – he even ran me a bath by boiling the kettle 4 times after we ran out of hot water – keeper!

Tom Cardiff Bay

Hope you enjoy the video, and thanks so much for watching – don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for all the videos direct to your YouTube account!


  1. Laura

    I love that you love Cardiff! The Bay looks gorgeous in that video, and you two are so cute together!

    • charlotte

      We do love it! If I’d been able to transfer courses, we probably would have relocated full time!

      • Laura

        Aw, it’s a shame you couldn’t. Lovely place to escape to, though, especially the Bay. I lived in Cardiff for a while, but never really explored around there.

  2. Rebecca

    I actually LOL’d at the cheese jokes in your vlog! It looked like a fun weekend.

  3. Lia

    This is so cute!!! I really love your VLOGs and just your blog in general 🙂


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