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Train like an Olympian: Jessica Ennis-Hill’s Circuit Workout

Apr 23, 2015 | Running | 6 comments


When you get an email from Adidas saying ‘would you like to come and train with Jessica Ennis Hill’ you drop everything and say yes.

Last Thursday morning, I hopped on a train to Sheffield with Sophie and a couple of other lovely journo girls to watch Jess in action at her training ground. After arriving and changing into our outfits, we had a chance to ask Jess a few questions. She was so friendly, and was so thrilled when she was talking about her son, Reggie. Sophie’s got a great roundup post of all the questions, but I wanted to share the questions I was able to ask.

I asked how she stays motivated to train, and kept focused. Apparently, the variety of the Heptathlon keeps training interesting, however it’s important that she focuses on the activities that she’s weakest at (she admits it’s the 800m). Her training is organised by her coach, and is well structured to cover everything she needs. She trains in a group for some of her events, particularly running, and in pairs for the hurdles and long jump.

You guys know I love food, and find what athletes eat really interesting. I asked Jess what she eats during training and competing. She’s not on a special diet usually, and just tries to eat a healthy, balanced diet. (I love that!) When Jess is competing, she fuels up the day before a competition as she doesn’t eat too much while she’s actually performing.

After our Q&A session, we hit the track for a warm up lap. I managed to get right up next to Jess and run alongside her. She was laughing about how she could never imagine running a marathon!


Jess’s coach took us through a typical circuit style workout, that although simple in style got us working up a real sweat on the second round. I think we were all slightly relieved when we got the nod to say we needed to rush off to get our train home!


This workout can be done with no weights and very little equipment, it could easily be done in the park or in a hotel room.


Jessica Ennis Hills circuit workout

Thank you so much Adidas for such an amazing day with an Olympic legend, and good luck to Jess at the Diamond League games.


  1. Corey @ Learning Patience

    Um, hella awesome sauce!!! What a super fun experience – thanks for sharing!
    xoxo from London

  2. Cathryn

    Super jealous. I’ve just finished her book and she struck me as an incredibly nice, grounded person. Such a change from the hyped-up, ego-inflated ‘sports stars’. If I do her moves, will I get her abs?

    • charlotte

      She really is Cathryn! Think I’m going to have to start reading her book!!

  3. Laura @ Laura : Fat 2 Fit

    Super Jealous you got to meet her, sounds like you had a blast. Might just have to give the circuit workout a whirl.. once I figure out what some of the exercises are! 🙂

  4. emilie

    Amazing! So jealous, I would absolutely love to meet her!

    Thanks for sharing her workout, I’ll definitely be doing that over the next week! 🙂

    Emilie xx


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