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Running in the Dark

Dec 22, 2014 | Kit, Running | 5 comments


Yesterday was the shortest day of the year. From here on in the days are getting longer- I’m counting down for sunnier mornings. Leaving for work in the dark, and arriving home once the sun goes down means that if I’m running outside, it’s mostly in darkness. (Lunchbreak runs sadly haven’t happened for a long time!)

Wherever you’re running in the dark, it’s crucial that you can see and be seen. Here are my tips to keep you safe when out on runs this Winter.

Be Seen

Wearing reflective gear is crucial, however this year I’ve added more of a glow to my outfits using lighting (and not just my geeky headtorch!) I was sent some Nathan Sports visibility gear to test out and loved in particular two of their products; the Lightbender light up armband with battery powered blinking lights. This could be worn around the arm, tied to a bag or worn around the ankle.

running in the dark

My favourite product however was the Lightspur. This lightweight clip attaches to the back of your shoe securely and either strobes or gives out a constant light. Brilliant for running or cycling- I would wear one on both feet for maximum visibility. I love these.

running in the dark

running in the dark

Stay Safe

Run in well lit areas, and where possible stick to areas where you won’t be alone. I love running along the Thames towpath, but won’t run there alone in the dark because it’s quite quiet. I tend to avoid parks in the dark too. If you can find a happy medium where somewhere is populated but isn’t too crowded, then you’re onto a winner. Similarly, pedestrianised areas are often a good choice so that you don’t have to worry about cars. Run against the traffic so that they can see you if you are running on the roads.

Safety in Numbers 

Rope in a friend, partner or family member to run with you if possible. Not only will it add some variety to your run, it will help you feel less vulnerable. If you do have to run alone, make sure to bring a phone with you, let somewhere know where you’re going and wear some form of ID.

Turn it Off 

I would advise against running with music in the dark- you need to have your wits about you and zoning out to the latest Taylor Swift song isn’t the best idea as you won’t hear cars, bikes and other runners around you. I sometimes sing outloud when I run without music much to the annoyance of others around me, I’m sure!

If you feel really unsafe, then I would recommend taking your run to a treadmill, or squeezing it in at lunchtime/in daylight hours if possible. Nothing is worth that feeling of unease out on a run.

running in the dark Photos taken by the lovely Abi. 


  1. Cathryn

    I totally agree with all of these. I run in the early morning. My little town is very safe so I’m not overly nervous of murderers but I am wary of sleepy drivers and also of falling over and twisting my bambi-ankles. (Bambiesque in terms of weakness, not fragile elegance). I always wear reflective gear (I LOVE those shoe clips, want some) and also avoid our town’s running path as it can be a little lonely. This generally means sticking to the same 6 mile loop but better bored than safe.

    My only real challenge is finding a public loo open at that time of the morning when the inevitable happens 🙂

  2. Lauren (@PoweredbyPB)

    I absolutely love the Nathan light bender. I run along the main road is it’s an early dark run, it’s well lit, and always busy with traffic and people.

  3. Sarah

    I absolutely love the Lightspur- so simple, but a brilliant idea for your right foot for either running or cycling when it’s gloomy- and I love the flashing setting too!

  4. Cynthia

    Those foot lights look great!



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