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Project Fit Class Review

Nov 9, 2014 | Uncategorized | 1 comment

Project Fit Workout

All the best new workout classes in London seem to be popping up in ‘the city’. Edge Cycle, Speedflex, 1 Rebel (opening in Jan), Cyclebeat, and now Project Fit. My friend Loz (who conveniently works in the City) had been raving to me about Project Fit, recommending it as a Barry’s Bootcamp style HIIT circuit workout.

She wasn’t wrong.

The moment I walked into the studio, the atmosphere reminded me of Barry’s, albeit a little less intense. Loz and I had arranged to meet for a 7.30am Wednesday session, and when Sophie told me she was in London for the week, I suggested that she joined us. Your first class is free which is even more incentive to get up and workout.

I had to change all of my photos to black and white to avoid the red lighting in the class- red lighting is flattering to no-one.

Our class were split between the treadmills and the floor for the warm up; the three of us opted to begin on the floor with our medicine ball weights. After a warm up, we were straight into our first weights section, completing everything from planks and press ups, to sit ups and burpees with our medicine balls. My arms and abs were burning using the 6kg weight

Project Fit Workout

Project Fit Workout

Project Fit Workout

It was then time to swap over to complete a 5-10min treadmill section, where we adjusted speeds and inclines for maximum intensity. The instructor would call out three numbers, low, middle and high, and you could choose the speed to set depending on ability and fitness levels. I mostly opted for the middle number, figuring I could adjust up and down as needed. During the class we completed full on sprints at 18, ran on an incline of 10, and recovered between sets. The final set was a 3min full out sprint.

Throughout the class we rotated between the treadmills and the floor, completing 4 sets on each during the hour class. I felt far stronger during the running sections, although worked up quite a sweat while my strength disappointed me. I constantly had to do the modified move, for example using two hands instead of one, but I guess your fitness is always evolving and you have to listen to your body during that particular workout to ensure you don’t get hurt and work to your own ability.

Project Fit Workout


Project Fit Workout

Undeniably the best bit of any class- the cool down/stretch where you smugly reflect on the workout you’ve just completed! I really enjoyed Project Fit’s bootcamp HIIT training, however I wish that there had been more than one instructor in the room so that they could make sure that you were completing the moves correctly. I’m not sure if each class is the same, but judging by the other equipment in the room, I would imagine they mix it up each time for varied workouts- hopefully I can go back soon to test this theory (and drag Loz out of bed for a dreaded pre-work workout!). If you love Barry’s Bootcamp- I recommend giving this class a try too.

Project Fit classes are £20, although your first class is free! 

36-38 Cornhill, London 

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  1. healthehelen

    I was supposed to go there on Thursday but cried off due to the lurgy.Sounds fun though. Will give it a try when I’m bug free..



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