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What to do with Race Medals, Bibs and T-shirts

Nov 11, 2014 | Running | 7 comments

If you’ve been reading recently you’ll know that I recently had a major clear out of my flat. It had got out of hand with the amount of clutter and hoarding I was doing. I threw away, recycled and sold a lot. But something I couldn’t bear to throw away were any of my race medals. I’ve got an overflowing medal rack with the over spill dangling from the corners of our bedroom mirror. They can’t stay as they are but there are memories in each bit of bling that means I am loathe to throw them away.

When it comes to race bibs and tshirts I am less sentimental but only just. I still have a fair few of each floating around just incase I feel the need to dig them out and reminisce. So far I have never done this but you know, maybe I will in the future.

It had me thinking about what I could do with these prized items to make them into show off pieces rather than clutter.

Tom had my marathon bibs framed to hang in our room as a birthday prezzie, and I think I can get rid of my other bibs but if you’d rather, here are some ideas of what to do with yours.

Race Bibs

race bib collage


Make them into a collage frame.

race medals, bibs and tops

Save them for decorations/wedding tables -great if both of you are runners!

race bib scrapbook

Make a race scrapbook! 

race bib bag

 Have your bibs made into a bag- this would be a fun gym bag.


Race Medals

I do save all of my medals, they are currently hanging on a special medal holder boasting my favourite  quote- ‘One day you won’t be able to do this, today is not that day.’ I am thinking of going through my medals and showcasing only my favourite medals storing the rest of them in a box. Alternatively I would love to take the medal off the ribbon, attach a magnet to each and use them as fridge magnets.

race medal cabinet


Use a display case or medal holder.

race medal christmas tree


Decorate your Christmas Tree with them– do not think Tom would let me do this.


Race T-shirts

I’m saving a lot of my race t-shirts (only the pretty/special ones) to hopefully have them made into a quilt for our spare room someday. I think it is such a brilliant way of displaying them and creating a talking point with guests.

race t shirt quilt

Make a quilt!

race t-shirt bag

Make a handbag out of your favourite t-shirt.


race t shirt scarf


or a scarf out of a collection of t-shirts.


For more ideas, have a look at my pinterest board– I’d also love to hear any of your ideas. What do you do with your race bibs/medals and t-shirts? Do you save them or throw them?


  1. Ab

    I’m with the scrap book! I’ve kept my race number from every race I’ve done and put them together in a scrap book with a collection of photos from race day and a note of what time I ran. It’s just nice to flick through sometimes 🙂 …. As for medals, they hang on the back of my bedroom door and jingle a LOT!

  2. thesuffolkstrider

    I love this post, the idea about making a picture out of your race numbers is inspired! i also really need to get my hands on a medal rack. Xmas present maybe!

  3. Louise @louliveswell

    This is great! I am totally holding onto my race bibs from now on – I want to make a collage like that! And xmas tree medals? Amazing!!

  4. Medals4Mettle (@Medals4Mettle)

    Racers can also donate earned marathon, half marathon and triathlon medals to Medals4Mettle. The donated medals are given to ill children and adults.

  5. Shane Martin

    You never know when you’ll wish you hadn’t tossed something: After my Dad passed away 20 years ago, I tossed out his old Runners World magazines from the 70s & early 80s thinking I would never want them. 14 years after he passed I took up running at 48. Six years, 8 marathons, and 1 Boston Marathon later I sure wish I had his old magazines.


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