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Phoenix Marathon Training: Week 4 (Royal Parks Half Recap)

Oct 15, 2018 | Race Recaps, Running | 4 comments

Phoenix Marathon Training week 4

Another week in the books.

I wanted to give a massive shout out to James (aka Shoulder Runner) for running a 14+ minute PB this weekend, whilst chatting with him on Insta – and planning our dream racecation – I asked him what had made the biggest difference to his training. And he said that strength training made a big impact…so next week the goal is to add two really good strength training sessions into my schedule.

Monday: Barrecore Class

Tuesday: Track Tuesday

Rolling 200s… 6.30-45 min mile pace, with the ‘off’ 200 at 8.30-45 pace. But I def ran most of the recoveries slower than prescribed.

Want to join us for track sessions? Sign up for the free workouts (and free coffee!) here.

Wednesday: 4 mile run commute home – testing backpacks for a blog post and chafed SO badly! The run was miserable.

Barrecore Stretch class – LOVE this 45 minute foam rolling and stretch class.

Phoenix Marathon Training week 4

Thursday: Unplanned rest day as I was exhausted

Friday: Threshold session, swapped from Thursday.

1 mile warm up 9.15 pace, 3 miles at 7.30-45 min pace (7.23, 7.41, 7.50) – 0.1 mile cool down straight into the coffee shop. I struggled to stay in the mile and to keep pace. I wanted to quit SO badly but I was proud of myself for pushing through. I listened to Hungry Runner Girl – Janae Jacobs – on the Rambling Runner podcast, talking about her sub 3 marathon and it really helped me not give up!

Phoenix Marathon Training week 4

Saturday: Rest Day – final day of learning on my No 1 Fitness personal training course.

Sunday: Royal Parks Half Marathon

I considered doing this as a separate race recap but thought that considering I’ve run this race three times before (and therefore have three previous race recaps) it might be a little boring. You can read them here 2013, 2016, 2017.

The weather was horrendous, like torrential rain and heavy winds when I left the house. My plan to walk to the train station to collect my car was swiftly abandoned and I got a taxi the 1.5 miles. I made some last minute changes to my race day outfit to include an anorak and a cap to protect my face – choices I was really glad to have made.

As usual, RPH had a great set up, however the queue for bag drop was really long and I only just made it into the corral before the second wave started.

My plan was to go easy, running my target long run pace, set by coach Ash, at 9.00-9.15 pace however it was soon clear I was being swept up by the crowds…and feeling great.  The miles ticked by, 8.10, 8.15, 8.20, 8.05… and so on, breathing easy despite the wind and crowds. I felt like it became a little bit of a battle around the 10 mile mark, however even the slightly harder effort was an 8.25 pace and so I continued.

Hitting the 12 mile marker, I realised that I could run a sub 1.50 if I pushed a little in that final mile. So being competitive with myself, I did just that, and came across the line in 1.49.33.

8.14 average pace for 13.3 miles

Phoenix Marathon Training week 4

Huge thanks to Runner’s Need for the bib to the race. You can recycle your old trainers at any Runner’s Need stores in exchange for a £20 voucher. Find out more here.


  1. @k8ie_did on insta

    Can’t wait for the commute/running backpack review. 🙂

  2. Cari

    Nicely done!
    From your 2013 recap, this looks like a gorgeous course

  3. W.Purves.

    Sounds like a really fast Royal Parks – well done! G.

  4. Joe

    Looks like the preparation is getting pretty intense – throwing in a half-marathon after almost a full week of training! I’m sure all this hard work will pay off though, especially with the support of your coach. Best of luck for Phoenix!


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