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Life Lately June 2021 & Recently Asked Questions

Jun 16, 2021 | IVF and Surrogacy, Lifestyle | 0 comments

Sometimes coming back to something after you’ve been away for what feels like too long is a little daunting. Even after blogging for 10 years, I still felt apprehensive about coming on here to share. It doesn’t help that my blog has been dealing with hacking issues and the layout/navigation of the website isn’t quire right yet.

But we will get there… thanks for sticking around!

I’m easing myself back in by answering some of your questions from Instagram but do leave a comment if you have any other Qs!

How is the new job going?

New job is going well! I originally had a 6 month contract but after another interview, this was made permanant which I’m thrilled about. It’s a big teaching hospital, and the Band 5 job is a rotational post. Currently I’m on the ITU/Neuro rotation – and today I had MND (Motor Neurone Disease) nutrition clinic which was really rewarding. It is however VERY full on, with a crazy caseload. If I thought that the learning curve was steep during my first year as a Dietitian at my last job at a District General hospital, then it only continues on the upwards trajectory.

I had a Band 6 job interview last week at the same hospital which I didn’t get – but I’ve been really supported in how to gain the experience I need to reapply for the position when it goes back out to tender.

Surrogacy Update…

Both nothing and everything has changed since our last surrogacy update.

Firstly, our embryos have made it over to the US to our clinic in San Diego and are now on ice-waiting for a transfer!

Secondly, we have had some zoom calls with a potential surrogate!!!

I’m trying not to get my hopes up too much at this early stage, before medical checks and contracts etc. We’ll share more when there’s more to share – and hopefully, if all goes well, we will be sharing more of our journey as it progresses soon. In the meantime, I’m just hoping that the US gets added to the travel Green list so that if/when things do start to move forward that we can travel over there!


I’m waiting to do a full Whoop review until I’ve worn it for a while and got to grips with all the features and info.

I will say that I’ve already ordered a new strap in rose gold and white for something a little prettier than the black wristband that comes as standard!

What Hydration Pack do you Use?

I wrote a whole blog on this last year here – How to Carry Water on the Run. My personal favourite water bladder is the Nathan Hydration Intensity Pack however that seems like it’s sold out in the UK. I highly rate Nathan Sports so check out their options here.

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How do you find local running events?

Mostly I find them on social media, but I signed up to a number after my friend Liz sent me a list of local races shared by Reading RoadRunners (I recently joined the run club!). It’s worth signing up to your local running club newsletter or scouring their website even if you don’t join up!

Google, local running/sports shops, local pinboards and Facebook groups are also great ways to find the smaller running events in your area.

Do you recommend a Running Coach?

YES, 100% if its something you can afford I would highly recommend it. Check out my blog post all about it – Is it worth hiring a running coach? 

 How are you doing mentally?

Thanks for asking – not actually great right now. I don’t have the best balance in my life between work, life, training etc – it’s not quite in the ratio (AT ALL) that is sustainable or making me happy right now. And I don’t think I realise what a toll not being able to travel would have on my mental wellbeing, but I feel like there are some things that can and need to change, and there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

Please share your non-workout wardrobe…

I am so in love with the pieces that Tatiana picked out for me. She is personal shopper/stylist that has just launched her business and is amazing at finding pieces to suit different bodies and budgets. There are dresses I would never have picked out for myself that I love, and jumpsuits I wouldn’t have been brave enough to purchase that I cannot wait to wear. I plan on sharing more about this as well as showing my top picks soon.

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