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Jan 2018: Life Lately…

Jan 26, 2018 | life updates, Lifestyle | 7 comments

life lately January 2018

Life lately has been….

  • great
  • busy
  • overwhelming
  • fun
  • challenging

I feel like I have SO many posts to write, I’m so behind on last year’s content and have plenty of posts sitting in my drafts folder waiting for the right time to publish.

And yet, I wanted to give you a life update.

To go back to the posts where I would ramble on, sharing crappy iPhone photos, before I even knew what a sponsored post was. The good old days of blogging and oversharing…

Studying to be a Dietitian 

If you’re new around here, you might not know I’m 2.5 years into a 4 year course to become a Registered Dietitian. I’m also in the middle of exam period which can be pretty stressful. I’ve had 2 exams so far, and 2 to go before I start my hospital placement in February. I can’t wait to get back into a daily routine and put my knowledge into practice.

House Hunting 

Tom and I are looking for a new house. We’ve been renting in Henley on Thames for 18 months and love the area, so we’re looking to buy. We’ve had to increase our search radius because Henley is sooo expensive, but we’ve found some that are within our budget(ish) and not too far from where we live now. On my list are roads that are lit for early morning winter runs, and near the River. Oh, and space for a treadmill indoors (mine folding one has been relegated to the outhouse with zero power, lighting or heating, and is therefore out of action this winter). Our fave house so far is next to plenty of parkland, a bridal way and footpaths…and we saw someone running past when we went for a viewing. I took it as a sign!

life lately January 2018

Bridal Party Planning 

I’m thrilled that one of my oldest friends, Zoe (aka Miles Fitter) is getting married this summer and has asked me to be a bridesmaid. The other bridesmaids and I are currently planning a Stateside hen party (bachelorette) and something in London… and she’s already told me that yes, she wants to run the morning of the wedding like I did!


If you followed my Instagram, you’ll know that I just returned from an epic trip to Australia and New Zealand for a friend’s wedding. I had the best time and it’s so hard coming back to the cold weather here, not to mention the darkness. I’ve got some awesome travel coming up over the next few months, including Tokyo, Cyprus and New York!

I’m planning on covering aspects of my Oz/NZ trip in an upcoming post, and I also have a healthy city guide to Tel Aviv still to share!

The Runner Beans Women's Running Magazine cover

Women’s Running Magazine 

And lastly, I am SOOO excited to reveal my Women’s Running UK cover. I received the email asking if I’d like to be on their cover whilst I was on honeymoon and it was such an incredible surprise. I feel honoured to join the amazing women that have been previous cover stars.- and this will take pride of place in the downstairs loo in our new house lol!

The Runner Beans Women's Running Magazine cover

What’s been going on in your life lately?



  1. Ashley Diamond

    I can’t wait to celebrate Zoe with you!!!

  2. Dave

    Wow busy busy!
    Always good to be a cover girl/boy ?

  3. W. Purves

    Congratulations Cover Girl! Good luck with house hunting. G.

  4. Archie the Edinburgh Dog

    Loved the podcast, looking forward to your next episode (don’t know where you find time to squeeze it all in, seriously impressive!)

  5. Michelle

    I really enjoy these kind of posts! Glad things are going well so far this year, and congrats on the cover!

  6. Lisa

    Hi Charlie, I just read your cover story in Women’s Running magazine and it’s totally me. I suffer massively from anxiety and am planning on running the Brighton half marathon this February (my first big race) but am so anxious about the crowds and being penned in at the beginning. Do you have any tips for keeping calm before a big race?

  7. Lauren

    Congrats on the cover lady! Be sure to celebrate this moment – how special xo


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