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It’s Not Too Late To Enter a Spring Marathon…

Jan 17, 2019 | Running, Running Advice | 6 comments

26.2 miles is a long way, but with training, it’s achievable by anyone in my opinion. (I wrote a whole blog on this topic back in 2015!) So many people training for a Spring Marathon, it’s hard not to be inspired.

Whether the FOMO is finally getting to you, or you’ve realised that 2019 is going to be the year that you finally tick it off your bucket list, it is not too late to sign up for a spring race…

Hackney Half Marathon and 5.5K
  • With 19 weeks to go, the Edinburgh Marathon or the Mountains to Beach in California, are two great options for those looking for a long training cycle and a fast run.
  • Less flat, but more iconic, is the Flying Pig marathon in Ohio. One of the first blogs I ever read was documenting her training for this race and for that reason alone, I have it on my bucket list!
  • The London Marathon is 15 weeks out, and some charities still have places. If you’ve been thinking about it…what are you waiting for? Mount Charleston, one of the fastest US downhill US marathons is also on the same weekend for those looking for speed (and a quad trashing!)
  • Both the Paris Marathon and Brighton Marathon in 13 weeks have places (Brighton through charity entry) and are well supported, flat, friendly races.
Paris Marathon Race Recap
  • Manchester Marathon is on the 8th April and still has plenty of space – and it gives you 3 months to get into shape!
  • LA Marathon…if you’re in half marathon fitness, then you can definitely get up to the full distance for this amazing race in 9+ weeks time. -> AND I have an entry to giveaway for one of you guys to join me in Los Angeles in March.

To enter to win entry to the Los Angeles Marathon 2019…let me know in the comments why you want the bib, what makes LA such a goal race for you?

The competition is also open on Instagram – enter there for extra entries. Winner will be announced on Saturday 19th January.


  1. Erin Leighty

    Hi Charlie!

    This race would be an amazing race for me! I just completed my first marathon in November in my hometown (Springfield, MO, USA) and I went into it run down and overtrained. I would really like to try another one that is scenic and do a racecation! I have never been to California and I would really appreciate the opportunity!

    Also, I wanted to let you know how much of an encouragement and inspiration you have been to me! The reason I felt I could run a marathon is because I happened upon your blog and read about your journey. Thank you for being so open and sharing so much with us!


  2. Helena

    Hi Charlie,

    I have been thinking about this race for a bit and this might be the push I was looking for! I am training for New Orleans Half in feb 10 and it gives me a few more weeks after to ramp up the training! I would love to join you in LA!!


  3. heiki

    Hey Charlie,

    I just miss the sun and running outside when it’s bright and sunny, and not when it’s icy and cold and dark. LA would be perfect, it wouldn’t be a BQ attempt, more a lovely and fun long run with hopefully a dip into the Pacific Ocean at the end!

  4. Alan

    I ran my first marathon in October. I’ve been doing shorter races since then, but have started to increase my mileage at the beginning of the year. I live about an hour away, so the LA marathon would be a great second one.

  5. David Robertson

    Charlie I will be London next weekend and have a 12 miler on Saturday. Will want a really good burger and chips Saturday night. Any recommendations?

    • charlotte

      Ooh good questions – I think Honest Burger is pretty good!


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