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Happy New Year 2013

Jan 1, 2013 | Running | 1 comment

It was so odd celebrating New Year in a completely different time zone last night. I’ll do a proper post about our evening, but in the mean time, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I love making New Year’s resolutions, and feeling like the slate is clean, and I can start again in the new year. I had a great 2012, and am looking forward to an equally good 2013.

  •  To take two yoga classes a week

I am seriously bad at yoga, and I know that marathon training last year made my embarrassingly poor flexibility even worse. This year, in order to improve my flexibility, and hopefully my headaches caused from extremely tight shoulders, I am going to attend at least two yoga classes a week, fitting them into my fitness routine alongside cadio and weights sessions.

  • Apply some of the principals from the Happiness Project 

After seeing ‘One Little Word’ on Ali Edwards and Amanda’s blogs, I decided that my word this year is HAPPY. I know this seems a little broad, but after reading The Happiness Project I realised that making yourself happy and making other people happy can be linked. I’d like to make myself happier by becoming more organised, fitter, eating better, and hopefully make other people happier by being a better daughter, colleague, friend, girlfriend and family member.

  • Become debt free in two-o-one-three

Debt is such a horrid thing to worry about, this goal will make me happier in the long term, although maybe not the short term when I have to make some cut backs. As well as aiming to be debt free by the end of this year, I would also like to increase my ‘rainy day’ savings!

  • Take better care of my skin

This means creating a skincare routine; face wash, eye cream, moisturiser with sunscreen in, as well as exfoliating and moisturising my body etc. I am terrible at keeping up with routines, and this is one area that I want to improve.

  • Get more out of things

This means taking advantage of living in London (like last year’s resolution), learning more from the people I work with and friends who have skills that I don’t have, enjoying situations that might not come about again.

What are your resolutions this year?

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