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Gym Confessions: Part 2

Oct 11, 2013 | Uncategorized | 2 comments

After the popularity of last week’s gym confessions post, I thought I’d share some of the embarrassing confessions that I received this week.

First up, Sian sent over this classic;

“My gym was doing some building work in the ladies’s changing room showers so the changing rooms were swapped around, with ladies having access to the men’s changing rooms and men made do with the ladies make-shift changing rooms instead. I’d just been to a spinning class so I was sweaty as hell and decided to have a shower. I was nervous in the shower as I wondered how many men would forget the change over, but I needn’t have worried as I was lucky to have the shower room to myself. I grabbed my towel and dried myself off. However, (you know what’s coming right?) just as I was leaning over drying myself, a man came bursting in to the changing rooms. I’m not sure if I made his day or ruined it, but needless to say he got a good look at my naked buttocks before making his apologies and rushing off!”

Kate shared one of the moments that we all dread… 

My most embarrassing gym experience has to be the first ever class I had with my then personal trainer. I was quite overweight at the time, not used to the gym at all so was very unfit and he was pretty hot, so it was a big deal me braving a session with him anyways. We’d got through about 90% of the session and I was on the last few crunches, and I farted! I have never ever been so embarrassed ever! And to make it worse as it was mid crunch it happened on the way down and the way back up!! Lol he laughed hysterically and reminded me of it all the time! Lol luckily we got to become good friends, but he always used to remind me of it! 

In my yoga class last week, someone definitely let one go. I had to work really hard not to giggle.

Jess told me about some trouble she had when running on the treadmill…

One Friday I decided to try out my shiny new sports bra. It had the normal bra clasp and then further up the top it had another bra clasp. I was running late that day and didn’t really pay attention to what I was throwing on or how thorough I should have been. 

Half way through my run I felt my “two lady friends” suddenly come loose and realised that my bra clasps had come undone. Slowing the treadmill down I tried to casually throw my hands behind my back and do up the clasp whilst also trying to make sure the ladies weren’t on show for the whole gym as I was wearing a white top!! Luckily I didn’t have any treadmills behind me as I was in the last row. After fumbling around for what seemed several minutes I decided to give up and head to the toilets to fix myself up. Getting off the treadmill I turned to my right and was faced with 3 grinning men…. “You could have just asked us to help?” one of them smugly said to me. 
I departed the gym floor extremely red faced and never returned to a lunch time session again in fear that I might see one of the grinning idiots. “(Pretty sure she was wearing one of my fave Shock Absorber Bra’s, got to do those babies up tightly!) 

And lastly for this week’s Gym Confessions, one from the guys. Chris shared a story to show that it’s not just us girls that get embarrassed at the gym!

“I’d recently signed up for my local gym, and was using it as a way to get some cycling done during poor winter weather.

Now, when I’m normally out cycling I’ll wear any old tat, but as I was in the gym I figured I couldn’t get away with an old pair of camo shorts and a t-shirt from some festival I don’t remember most of, so I bought some proper gym shirts and shorts.

So one afternoon, arrived at the gym after work, popped my gear on and hopped on the bike.
I’d done ten, maybe fifteen minutes when I reached down to grab my water bottle… and noticed…
Well, how can I put this? One of the mice were out the house.
There was a wardrobe malfunction.
I’d come in like a wrecking ball.

I actually stopped and stared for a few seconds trying to make sure I wasn’t imagining it; as you can imagine all this did was draw attention to the fact that I had my deepest thoughts and feelings on display.” 

Thanks so much for all your gym confessions, I’ll compile the others for another post- please do keep them coming! They really make me laugh, and I hope they make you guys giggle too! I’m sure all of us have experienced something embarrassing at the gym or while out running at some point! Please email me with any gym/workout confessions They can remain anonymous if you like!


  1. Emskibeach

    These did make me chuckle esp Chris with his mouse out of the house comment – nice to know it’s not only the ladies with a wardrobe malfunction.

    Kate’s farting experience is my worst nightmare there’s no way I would ever be able to avoid that if it happened in front of my trainer he would laugh his ass off and I would never hear the end of it!



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