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Going Flying

Mar 30, 2013 | Lifestyle | 0 comments

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it to you all before, but Tom (the boyfriend) is a pilot. He is currently building hours working as a flying instructor, and applying for jobs as a commercial pilot. Last year for my birthday he promised to take me up. Unfortunately the weather has been terrible every time we’ve tried to go up. Well today, although the weather wasn’t great, we decided to brave it!

Doesn’t it look like a lovely day…

Yes the sunglasses were necessary!

It was great to meet some of Tom’s colleagues and see where he works. Plus I got to see him in action!

He was very impressive, until he started stalling in the air and trying to make me feel sick. Luckily no such luck. I actually loved it, especially when he made us go into ‘zero gravity’. Tom made me hold a pen then watch it, and everything else in the plane float into the air. 

Unfortunately, the views weren’t too great due to the poor weather, but we did managed to fly over the coast. I really didn’t like flying over the sea, especially with Tom doing tight turns!

We also flew over Tom’s house, school, my aunt’s house and Sandhurst. I got to take the wheel (I’m not sure if this is a technical pilot term!) I didn’t really like flying it myself and was quite nervous. It’s harder to keep the plane steady than it looks!

So glad I didn’t feel ill, and really enjoyed finally seeing Tom doing his job! I was so proud, there’s no way I could fly an aircraft. There were so many dials, gauges and things to keep an eye on.

Hope you’re having a great weekend. Have you done anything new? Happy Easter!


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