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Jack and I went to Egypt the weekend before last. It sounds ridiculous saying that we just popped over for the weekend, but we kind of did (we got a really good deal with Jack’s work). We flew on the Friday morning on Easyjet – it’s the furthest they fly and I’m not sure I could have stuck out much longer on board one of their planes! We were lucky to get 3 seats between the 2 of us on the way there and back- we obviously don’t look very hospitable! Or maybe it’s just Jack’s long legs!  
It was lovely and warm in Egypt, probably around 27۫ so we spent all day outside, sitting by the pool or on the beach. I love sunbathing especially with a good book, or 5. I am such a fast reader when I’m on holiday that I got through a book a day- some better than others. I particularly enjoyed Lance Armstrong’s autobiography ‘It’s not about the bike: My journey back to life’, really inspiring.
We hit the gym a couple of times and played tennis on two evenings.
The water was really clear so Jack dragged me in snorkelling a couple of times, although due to the outrageous cost of renting snorkelling gear, my second ‘snorkel’ was completed in my Speedo goggles  calling out to Jack, (who was without any goggles) when there was coral underneath him. We saw a number of beautiful brightly coloured fish but I was a little disappointed by the concrete coloured coral.
The rest of our time was spent getting relaxing massages, eating at the hotel’s various restaurants and exploring the resort. It’s so cold back here in London, wish we were still sunbathing on the beach!
I also managed to sort of stick to my own ‘How to stay healthy on holiday’ rules, more to come tomorrow!


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