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I managed to take my own advice on staying healthy whilst on holiday during our recent trip to Egypt and I realised the only way to do this is to also take advice from the Boy scouts: ‘Be prepared’. Restaurants, supermarkets, airports etc do not always make it easy to eat healthily, so you need to anticipate the lack of healthy choices and bring your own. I have never been organised enough to do this, but this time I managed to hit the supermarket before travelling. Word of warning, satsumas don’t travel that well, especially when they are at the bottom of Jack’s bag!

Whilst we didn’t bring breakfast, we did make healthy choices at breakfast. I always think it is easier to stay healthy during the day if you start your day well. I ate a lot of fruit and discovered delicious Bircher muesli. Ok it doesn’t look great, but it tasted amazing- recipe to come!!

I also tried to make healthy(ish) choices at lunch and supper, going for grilled beef and vegetables, pitta and dips, falafel and roasted vegetable wraps and salads. We mostly ate at the restaurants around the hotel, including the delicious Thai restaurant. We might have eaten there twice!

I stuck to water and fresh lemon juice throughout the holiday, except for a few champagne cocktails on the last night!

Most of all we tried to stay active, playing tennis, swimming, snorkelling and hitting the gym. I got a real workout playing tennis, running all over the court trying to return jack’s balls, whilst he pretty much stayed in one place. He ended up hitting the gym after we played tennis so that he could get a workout! I stuck to cardio on the bike and treadmill in the gym as I am not overly confident doing weights on my own yet!

Most of all though, we enjoyed ourselves on holiday. We slept a lot, we relaxed, sunbathed and treated ourselves. We enjoyed a couple of icecreams and desserts, yum! We are on holiday after all!

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  1. Amateur Cook

    I hope you did manage to return jack’s balls to him. I’m sure he’d feel less of a man without them! ;·)


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