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Diversify Your Feed: Black Runners & Podcasts to Follow

Jun 4, 2020 | Lifestyle, Reviews | 3 comments

My instagram feed and podcast subscription base is very white. It’s a lot of women that look just like me. And if the last few weeks have taught me anything, is that it starts with education.

Like many people, I find it uncomfortable to talk about race because I’m worried about saying the wrong thing. But what’s worse is saying nothing.

I could tell you that I’ve downloaded books like ‘Me and White Supremacy’, and donated to the Stephen Lawrence charitable trust, but I feel that others have told that story and shared many incredible resources far better than I can. So today I wanted to share non-white runners and podcasts that I’ve added to my own feeds, and hope that you’ll find some new running motivation from these awesome resources. And please share any non-white runners you love following in the comments…

Black Runners & Podcasts to Follow

black runners to follow on Instagram

Runners to Follow on Instagram 

Black Runners & Podcasts to Follow

Black Runners & Podcasts to Follow

POC Running & Fitness Podcasts to Follow 

Black Running Podcasts

This was created by India, a lovely runner I met in Atlanta during the Olympic Trials weekend. She reached out to me and asked me to share her podcast and feed yesterday

The more I started digging online and on instagram, the more awesome runners I found however this is of course by no means an exhaustive list. Please leave a comment with non-white podcasts and runners you love following and I’ll add them to the list (running specific please!) xx


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