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Weekly Workouts: May 18th-24th 2020

May 27, 2020 | Cross Training, Running | 1 comment

I utilised my Peloton app a lot this week, with outdoor runs, tread classes, rides and a guided walk. You can read my full Peloton review here, and I’m excited to be chatting with Peloton run coach Becs Gentry on the podcast next week, so let me know if you have any questions you want me to ask her…

If you’re on the Peloton app, my username is therunnerbeans

Weekly Workouts: May 18th-24th 2020


I took a rest day on Monday, after no days completely off last week, I just felt like I needed one!


THE LAST DANCE RIDE on Peloton. All caps because it was soo good. Have you been watching the Michael Jordan documentary on Netflix? If not, it’s really worth a watching, even if you don’t like basketball. It has made Tom and I so keen to go and watch a live game when we’re able to travel again.

Weekly Workouts: May 18th-24th 2020


Pre work 20 min 90’s run on the Peloton app (with Jess Sims) For the warm up during ‘Oops I did it again’, every time Britney said ‘oops’ we had to do 6 high knees (I literally was laughing whilst doing this and probably got some weird looks!). We would pick up the pace during the chorus of each song and back off during the verses. This would be so easy to replicate on your own runs to inject a little speed!

After work I hopped on the bike for a 20 minute Peloton ride (Olivia Amato New Tracks Ride from 30/4/20) followed by a Peloton guided walk to go and collect our takeaway dinner! I’ve never used one of the guided walks before but really enjoyed it and I found myself walking faster than I would have done without listening. They would be great to fit in for those getting into running, coming back from injury or just looking to increase their heart rate on your usual stroll. Also it was a 90’s walk so the music was awesome.

Honestly, I think one of the things I’m loving most about the Peloton app is the music. I’ve got it synced to my Spotify so that I can add tracks I like to my playlists as I workout.


Unplanned rest day, some days (especially on the days that I work on Intensive Care) I come home feeling totally exhausted. Today I let myself sleep in, and just chill out in the evening.

Weekly Workouts: May 18th-24th 2020


60 mins on the Peloton bike as a free ride to take part in the Indoor Relay, a one month initiative showing that we can workout at home in whatever space we have. The project connects runners from all over the world whilst raising money for charities including MIND, NSPCC, Women’s Aid and the NHS Charities Together. I spent my hour on the Peloton, riding whilst chatting to one of the team leaders, Anthony, at 6am. There are still a couple of days left of the relay, with slots still available if you want to sign up! 


30 min interval run on the treadmill following one of Becs Gentry’s Peloton workouts followed by a 10 min arm toning workout using the app. Tom and I had originally planned to do a 20 minute workout however 10 mins in to a beginner class on the app, we decided it was too easy so we switched to an intermediate arms class.

I have been using beginner workouts for all of my runs and they definitely still feel challenging, so I was surprised with the very low intensity of the beginner strength workout. Maybe we just did an easier one than usual? If any of you are loving the Peloton strength classes, who do you recommend?

Weekly Workouts: May 18th-24th 2020


I ran with Emma again on Sunday. This time going back to my all-time favourite place to run near us. We ran/walked 4 mins run. 1 min walk along the river in Henley on Thames. Then picked up coffee from a local coffee shop. We ran 3.64 miles total. And although I’m not focusing on pace at all, the run felt slightly easier than previous run/walks we’ve done. And that was reflected in our pace (10.08 average).

Sunday evening I did an unplanned ride with Ashley and Amanda. Ash chose the ride and it was not the gentle Sunday evening spin I was expecting. It was brutal. My legs feel like they’re still recovering but the music was great. And I hopped off the bike in a great mood. For those on Peloton, it was a 30 min HIIT ride with Alex Toussaint from 24/2/20.

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