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Bupa London 10,000m 2014

May 27, 2014 | Race Recaps, Running | 7 comments

Also known as the time I drowned my phone in boob sweat.

I hadn’t originally signed up to do this race, although I enjoyed it last year, the course had felt a little crowded. However, when Adidas invited me to run it as part of their team (and after looking through the photos from last year and seeing the sunshine and smiley faces) I couldn’t say no.

Some of the team and I met up before the race to drop our bags off and scope out the VIP tent. Turns out it was very hard to find, and the only thing we actually took advantage of were the loos.

Since Becs and Kerry were speedsters up at the front, Rhalou and I headed off to find our start zone together. Up until that point I was undecided as to whether I was going to try to nab a new PB or just  run for fun and take sunny pictures.

Start line selfies with Geoff from Equinox gym, also part of team Adidas!

As soon as the gun went off for our wave I decided to see what I could do. I knew that I needed to keep my pace as sub 8min miles, which is fast and not at all what I’ve been working towards. (NB I feel like I haven’t been working towards anything at the moment and feel completely out of shape both in terms of strength and cardio fitness)

Miles 1 and 2 passed in a bit of a blur, the pace felt easy and I started to think that maybe I could smash my PB.

Mile 1- 7.24
Mile 2- 7.26

Then it started to hurt. I remember thinking it really shouldn’t be this painful when you’re only halfway through a 10K. I was also aware that I was really thirsty. It was pretty warm in the sunshine and I felt completely dehydrated.

Mile 3- 8.08

Every time I looked at my watch it seemed to flick between a 7.XX and 8.XX, although sometimes I’d see a 6 (and once a 2, but I think that may have been under the bridge). Whilst running I was completing mental maths, trying to work out what exact pace I needed to run a sub 49 race.

Mile 4-7.26
Mile 5- 7.54

I really wanted to walk, I wanted to stop and pretend to stretch or tie my shoe. Anything to stop running. But I kept going, counting down in quarter mile increments, knowing there wasn’t much further to go. I was lucky to have started near the front so I never struggled with crowds during this race, and had one man with a hideous t-shirt with pandas on that I followed and tried to keep pace with throughout.

Mile 6- 7.54

Hitting the 800m to go, I thought I could make sub 49. With 400 to go I was relying on a very, very strong sprint finish to hit sub 49. I can usually find a bit of power through the last 200m, having run the 100m and 200m at school. I gunned it, passing a number of people in front of me and slamming my hand on my watch as I crossed the finish. 49.02- a PB by 40 seconds!! However a sub 49 finish will have to wait for next time.

Wheezing away on the sides straight after the finish, it’s the first time an official has asked if I was OK, and if I needed medical assistance after the race. Luckily a Pimm’s and burger with the rest of Team Adidas sorted me right out.

Very foggy iPhone photos due to aforementioned boob sweat drowning. There was actually water inside the camera, although it now seems to have evaporated?!

Thanks so much to Adidas for letting me be part of their team and for my awesome personalised top. 


  1. Debbie Rodrigues

    Wow! It seems to me that all the fun in Europe happens in London. I am excited just by reading it, Charlie.
    Only recently I restarted running (after a 3 year hiatus), but I want to race again soon.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Karen McHale

    Thanks for sharing, I’ve been following your blog for a while now and managed to complete my first half marathon on Sunday in edinburgh, your posts kept me motivated and pushed me on! Well done on your pb!!

  3. Karen McHale

    Well done on your pb! Just wanted to say thanks, your blog has been keeping me motivated recently, I completed my first half marathon on Sunday in edinburgh and loved every second of it! Thanks!

    • Charlie

      Aw thank you so much for your comment! Glad you loved the Edinburgh half, its one I would love to complete one day!

  4. peachylau

    Well done! A complete come back from the BHF jog x



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