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Does Blogging Everyday Increase Your Blog Stats?

Jun 30, 2016 | life updates | 11 comments

Does Blogging Everyday Increase your Blog Stats?

In May I set myself the goal of blogging everyday in June – 30 blog posts in 30 days. I didn’t quite make it due to travel and poor wifi on a few occasions, but I’m pretty proud to have published 29 posts since the 1st June.

I had two aims;

Firstly, to see if blogging everyday increased my page views and unique user numbers. (One of my fave bloggers said that the turning point in her blog was when she started blogging everyday)

Secondly, to see which days of the week really were the most and least popular.

The results were surprising, to say the least, so here’s what I learned from blogging everyday for a month: 

  • Blogging every day is hard, especially when you’re travelling. Some posts only take me an hour or so to write if I already have the photos, others take a lot longer. It can be really time consuming, not to mention anti-social when you’re doing it everyday.
  • I should have pre-prepared some posts for days when things didn’t go to plan or I had writers block. (I feel like I should actually have some of these in the bag at all times!)
  • My stats did go up, quite dramatically. The graph below shows my page views from the past three months…

Pageview Blog Stats

  • Interestingly my unique user numbers stayed at a similar level, only rising about 1000 month on month. This shocked me slightly, as there was such a rise in page views, however it makes sense to assume that it was the loyal readers clicking more regularly, rather than attracting new readers.
  • On that note, I felt I had a lot less time to interact on social media and promote my posts online because I was spending far more time blogging. This could have meant that there were fewer new eyes on the blog, and that the posts I’d spent so much time writing weren’t actually getting the coverage I would want!
  • I felt a mid-month burn out, struggled a little about what to write and how to write pieces that remained interesting and relevant to you guys, the readers.

engagement announcement

  • I often left it to the last minute to put a post up, throwing off my usual morning blogging schedule, and meaning I had left time to create blog graphics in Picmonkey and Canva.
  • I enjoyed sharing things in real time, for example, posting about the Stockholm marathon the day after watching it, and about the Asics trip whilst I was still in Chamonix. I’ll definitely take this with me, I liked that my content felt fresh, timely and relevant, plus it matched what was happening on my social media.
  • There really wasn’t a huge distinction between days of the week – however in general the weekends had lower page views than during the week, and they were the times I found it hardest to blog.

Overall it was a really interesting experiment and it helped me establish that quality of content has to always come before quantity. Not only that, but a blog post is an entire package- from the title and writing, to pictures, graphics and social shares, there’s no point doing one thing well if it falls down in other areas. There are areas that I can definitely improve on when it comes to social, especially Pinterest, and promoting my blog in other areas.

This challenge also made me realise that I do still love blogging, ideally I’ll try to blog five times a week, but putting the pressure on to blog every single day is too much, it took the fun out of it!

Do you blog everyday? Read blogs everyday? What days are you most likely to read your fave blogs? 


  1. Mark Hubbard

    Can we send you some of our coolmax toe socks to try ?

  2. Mary

    I did wonder if you would keep an eye out for anything you could learn from the experience. It’s interesting to see what you discovered. Massive difference in your page views for the month of June!
    I tend to catch up on blogs mainly at the weekend due to my work schedule, but I have noticed that I never get as much engagement on any posts that I put out on a Saturday. I guess people are off out being social in real life then instead?! I’ve done a couple of Januarys where I’ve blogged every day, but like you say, the large amount of pressure takes the fun out of it somewhat. I would like to get back into a better routine of blogging once I start maternity leave though.

  3. Steffany R.

    I try to blog three times a week, and I think it works for me. You need to find a balance in everything. Great post. It’s something I think we all have wonders. I’m just not creative enough to blog everyday.

    • charlotte

      Thank you! Yes having a routine is good for both the blogger & readers but has to work for you!

  4. Jessica

    Hey Charlie, I actually really enjoyed your month of blogging everyday- from a readers point of view it was great to check in and read new content everyday, although I can also appreciate how hard it is! I think I’’m going to try it too, I’ve been thinking about it over the last few weeks and I think it would be a great way to give me some routine over my initial period in SF- I’m already foreseeing how hard it will be and I really have no excuses given I’ll be jobless! xxx

    • charlotte

      Yes definitely, and I’d love to read about your move and what life is like as an expect there! xx

  5. healthyhappierbear

    I loved your month challenge and am inspired to try and do the same though I know the pressures and issues that accompany a challenge like this! Congrats on the page views!

    • charlotte

      Thank you! Yes definitely give it a go – but have some pre-written content ready to go for emergencies! 🙂

  6. Laura

    I always wondered whether these things (days of the week, frequency, etc.) made a huge difference or not! That’s awesome you were able to stick with your challenge! I don’t know that I could come up with content for 30 days straight! 🙂

    • charlotte

      I’d written some ideas beforehand in a note on my phone, and luckily it coincided with quite a lot of blog travel which made content a little easier! I do think it makes a bit of a diff for regular readers however probably not for people finding your blog through google!

  7. Steph

    This is really interesting! Personally, hats off to anyone who can blog every day – it’s not something I think I could do. As a reader, I have to admit to unfollowing a couple of bigger American bloggers who post each day, as I felt that some of the posts were just for posting’s sake rather than quality content. I like to try and read a couple of times a week, but at the moment, I’m lucky if I get to it once a fortnight.


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