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New York Marathon Training Week 1

Jul 4, 2016 | Running | 2 comments

This week has been all about getting used to running four times a week, building a bit of a base and getting my legs turning over. With 18 weeks left until the New York City Marathon – one of my goal races for the year, I’m knuckling down and getting started for my PB goal…

Week 1  

Monday – Bootcamp

Tom and I have been loving going to Q Gym bootcamps three times a week, they are tough, especially when I’m the only girl there, but they’re so different to anything we do in London. We start by running about half a mile before a lot of bodyweight exercises, then more running, more exercises then we run to the beach for the ab section. After that we get to jump into the sea to cool down – the best bit! Our first week, I thought the dip was the end which was a bit of a shock when we had to put our trainers back on, and continue with our run/exercise/repeat sequence.


Tuesday- Off (meaning we checked out a potential wedding location out here in Portugal and enjoyed rose on the beach!)

Wednesday- Bootcamp

The hardest of the bootcamps, it was me and four guys. The instructor had us running 3 minute intervals in the sand – so tough!!

Thursday- Off

Friday- 2 mile easy run

I did a mini photo shoot and then an easy 2 mile run while Tom was at Bootcamp.

Saturday – 3.5 mile easy run

I left the house late (procrastinating) so it was HOT when I was out running. I’ve been running without a watch recently, so just picked a spot to run to then turned around and ran home.

Sweaty and hard, but I felt amazing to be out properly running – just me, my podcast and my trainers!

New York Marathon Training Week 1

Sunday – 35 minute Treadmill incline workout

New York is hilly, (as is my next challenge – more coming soon) so I’d better get training on some hills. Although where we stay in Portugal is pretty hilly, I wanted to do a controlled hill workout on the treadmill to ease myself into it. I completed this 30 minute workout by PB Fingers but tagged an extra 5 mins at incline 5 speed 6.5 just after the warm up.




  1. Marie

    Great post (as always) can’t wait to read all about your progress!

  2. Jeni

    Great post.. I’m running New York for the first time so this will keep me going during my training.


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